Total Confusion: Hanoi Joe Cut Off Mid-Sentence by Aide, Music

I don’t want to be the “hey, check out this new clip of Joe Biden being senile” guy. Well, maybe on a Sunday night at 6:30 when I realize I still need one more article in the “World” vertical, I am that guy.

But truly, this one is amazing.

Brandon is in Hanoi, Taiwan. Sorry – Hanoi, Vietnam. (Sometimes I get my Chinese separatists confused.) He’s rambling about the third world. He realizes that apparently you’re not supposed to say “third world” anymore – they are saying “global south” now, which seems like it would be a right-wing term actually, but okay – and then he starts really glitching bad.

We’ve seen him glitch out so many times, this is unremarkable. I think he’s probably getting worse, but whatever. These moron conservacunts act like they are proving some point by talking about how he’s senile, and it’s so retarded. Leftists all know he’s senile and he’s not making any decisions. They like the idea of “government by semi-secret committee.” They all hate their fathers, so they don’t like the idea of an authority figure, so they prefer the president be a senile “figurehead” who no one thinks is capable of figuring out what to eat for breakfast, let alone making breakfast, let alone making policy decisions for the most powerful country in the world. I am so sick of this “own the libs” bullshit – when has proving a lib wrong, or proving that they believe something stupid, resulted in tangible, real world results of any kind? If you can give me even one example, I’ll reconsider the whole thing. But you can’t give me one example. Going on and on about how senile Biden is does nothing. It’s just smug gibbering while the Democrats have all the power and there’s no conceivable scenario where they’re forced to give it up other than a total collapse of the government.

But yeah so, that Tanned Frenchman, Jean-Pierre, cuts him off in the middle of his muttering as he tries to figure out the new terminology for “third world” – and then they start playing loud music over him. It’s like, Sam Spade lounge music. Like, I literally thought they had to cut him off because a hot dame showed up and needed someone to light her cigarette.

“Out of all the… joints… the joints… ah, haha, she walks into a gin joint, and I well, she walks in and, it’s a gin joint, and, huh, well… she’s my gin joint in this whole world. You know they… they’re gonna, you aughta see them, they’ve got a… oh, boy. Well, she’s in my gin joint. It’s uh… I’m sorry.”