This Fashion Icon Decided Finland Will Join NATO, Threaten Neighboring Russia with War


There are things other than my webpage that I’d like to fill up… if you catch my meaning.

Some of this shit that happens, you just can’t even believe it’s real.

You know what I mean?

The former ruler of Finland is now a tabloid fashion icon. She posts Instagram photos for men to masturbate to.

We’re counting down to when she starts her OnlyFans account, and then does a media sob story about how she was run out of office because of sexism and now has no choice but to do porn.

New York Post:

The party-loving former prime minister of Finland officially ditched her pantsuits for party dresses and crop tops over the weekend — just months after leaving the nation’s highest office and her husband.

Sanna Marin, 37, showed off her figure in several stylish and scantily clad dresses as she joined friends for the Flow Festival, a three-day musical bender in the capital Helsinki.

The youngest female world leader in history and known partier shared numerous pictures of herself enjoying her politics-free lifestyle and what she called her first “proper summer vacation” in a while.

Marin kicked off her single girl summer weekend with a daring sheer black dress, pictures she shared on Instagram show.

The former world leader modestly wore a pair of black biker shorts and a sports bra beneath the longsleeved, knee-length dress, which she paired with matching black booties and reflective sunglasses.

Finland has a connection with Russia, obviously. They maintained good relations throughout the Soviet period.

Then this bitch gets elected on the promise to give everyone who votes for her a “full-throated blowjob,” and effectively declares war on Russia, erasing decades of peaceful relations. (Really, in theory, it’s hundreds of years of peaceful relations, if you consider that Finns were basically left in peace under the Russian Empire and then not really even harassed by Stalin. Some Finns may disagree, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in Finnish-Russian relations pre-world wars, but I’m sure there were issues during the wars, but they definitely maintained good relations between the end of World War II and Sanna Marin’s coke-fueled morality crusade).

Obviously, the part about “promising blowjobs” is a joke, mocking the fact that people apparently voted for her because she’s attractive.

But this is true: she was caught cheating on her husband and doing cocaine while she was the leader of a European country. The media actually said that it was “sexism” to complain about it (which is actually true, but not in the way they meant it).

There was literally zero reason for Finland to destroy their relationship with Russia. Obviously, there was pressure from the West, but the way it played out in public, it was a millennial party slut doing social signaling about what a moral person she is because she supports the Ukraine war.

This whole idea of “letting women participate in public life” was ultimately going to lead to a millennial bimbo trying to launch World War III. It’s going to get worse from here.

Blame the Jews all you like, good sir. I’m with you. But Jews couldn’t do anything if they didn’t have women ready to support literally any idea that is packaged as being fashionable. Blacks shouldn’t be punished for violent crimes? Gay 5-year-olds? Nuclear War?


I would have liked a WWIII promotional video with this bitch grinding on a nuclear warhead and saying “oh Putin, Daddy, oh Daddy Putin, you’re a bad daddy!” That would really be a lot more fun and exciting than that faggot NAFO doge bullshit.

Anyway, yeah, she got voted out.

But Finland is still joining NATO.


By the way, since we’re on the topic of women, I just wanted to say: all of this talk about “body count” is faggot bullshit. The question is: “does she have an intact hymen?”

If she doesn’t, then she’s either a widow or a whore.