The Science Discovers Racism Causes Type 2 Diabetes in Blacks

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The College Fix:

“Structural racism” contributes to higher Type 2 diabetes rates in black Americans, according to a new paper from Emory University researchers.

The researchers used a framework that “consider[s] the domains of health behaviours and social norms, structural racism, access to high-quality care, economic development, and public awareness.”

“Structural racism play[s] a prominent role at all levels,” of these domains, the scholars wrote in The Lancet.

They list practices such as redlining and predatory lending from decades ago as part of their hypothesis of why black people today have higher rates of Type 2 diabetes than white citizens.

“Past policies, laws, and economies contribute to where people live, their access to sufficient and healthy food, and their access to health-care services,” the research team wrote.

“These factors, stemming largely from structural racism and discrimination, play an important role in driving racial and ethnic inequities in diabetes and diabetes-related complications,” they wrote.

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