The Kiev Junta is Scrambling to Find New Warm Bodies to Throw Into the Meat Grinder


Looks like they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.


The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine decided on Wednesday to review every single draft exemption issued since the start of the conflict with Russia, citing widespread corruption.

“All cases where [exemption] decisions are clearly groundless and illegal should be dealt with by law enforcement,” President Vladimir Zelensky announced after the NSDC meeting.

The council also decided to fully digitize the entire Armed Forces database and revise the criteria for determining fitness for military service, to prevent “manipulation” and give field commanders more opportunities to find appropriate roles for soldiers.

NSDC head Aleksey Danilov said that Ukraine is rolling out a “newly approved” plan for further mobilization, calling up as many men as it may need to continue the fighting.

The Kiev Junta has been sending underage teenage boys and old men in their 60s to die in their “endless war for gay rights” for several months now.

The country has reached the point where basically all the men are dead or have escaped.

It’s the cleanest way to avoid a coup – just make sure everyone is dead.

It’s brutal, mayne.