Teen Detransitioners Feel Vindicated by Study Saying Most Kids Grow Out of Gender Confusion

A study, you say?

Studies are very important in determining things that are obvious to everyone.

New York Post:

A study which finds gender-confused youth mostly grow out of it and a ban on puberty blockers in England are both being hailed as “vindication” by “detransitioners” — people who have gone back to their birth sex after transitioning as teenagers.

Detransitioners told The Post that they were living evidence for a major study in the Netherlands which found that what psychiatrists refer to as “gender dysphoria” — a desire to be the opposite sex — diminishes significantly between adolescence and early adulthood.

And the also backed a report in England where doctors were told to stop prescribing “puberty blocking” hormones after a bombshell audit of the country’s leading gender clinic, the Tavistock in London, found troubled teens were given the drugs without medical evidence that they were safe.

“These revelations are hugely vindicating,” 19-year-old detransitioner Chloe Cole told The Post.

It’s frustrating that it has taken this long, but I’m thankful that this is finally becoming a mainstream conversation, and people are finally starting to wake up to what we are doing to children.”

In the Dutch study researchers tracked 2,700 children over the course of 15 years. They found that 11% of kids were struggling with their gender in early adolescence.

But by the age of 26, that number plummeted to 4% because, as the researchers note, “gender non-contentedness, while being relatively common during early adolescence, in general decreases with age.”

Detransitioner Airiel Salvatore, 34 of Seattle, said he was “not surprised at all” that the study found the majority of gender-questioning kids end up comfortable with their birth gender.

That totally comports with my experience, given what I observed among a lot of my transgender friends,” Salvatore, who began hormone treatments in 2005 and underwent genital reassignment surgery in 2014 before detransitioning last year, told The Post.

“Europe seems to be ahead of the curve,” he said. “It seems that here the clinics are more ideologically captured. It’s almost like they don’t want to know the answer because this whole entire thing is really just running on maladaptive empathy.”

Fellow detransitioner Cole — who came out as transgender at 13, had a double mastectomy at 15, and ultimately detransitioned by age 16 — agrees America is also falling behind in realizing the medicalization of trans youth has been a mistake.

So far England, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have all moved to limit medical intervention in transgender youth.

But in the United States it has become a hot-button culture war issue, with progressive states like New York and California declaring themselves “safe havens” for trans kids seeking treatment.

Frankly, anyone who needs a study to tell them this is too far gone to be convinced by a study.

That’s why none of these studies change anyone’s mind.

You have to be really, really extreme to support mutilating children with injections and surgeries.

If you’re that far gone, no study is going to sway you.