Swedes to Become Minority in Sweden Within 50 Years

Swedes are finally going to pay the price for their Swedishness!

Total elimination of the Swedish race is just on the horizon!

The Swedes should have known better than to be Swedish!

Sputnik News:

As of today, more than one-third of all Swedish residents have some kind of foreign background, and their share continues to grow, owing to continued immigration and demographic trends that include differences in fertility rates.

If the current level of immigration persists, Swedes will become a minority in their own country within 45 years, according to a Finnish researcher, Kyösti Tarvainen, associate professor emeritus in systems analysis at Aalto University in Helsinki.

Using the standard demographic method, the so-called cohort component method, Tarvainen concluded that which unchanged immigration, ethnic Swedes will become outnumbered by 2065.

The demographic change will bring about large societal shifts as well. According to Tarvainen’s model, there will be as many Muslims as ethnic Swedes in 2100.

“The Swedish parliament unanimously decided in 1975 that Sweden is a multicultural country. At that time, more than 40 percent of the immigrants were my compatriots, Finns. The situation has changed: in 2019, 88 percent of net immigrants were non-Westerners and 52 percent were Muslims. Thus, a huge cultural change has taken place in the immigrant population, as its largest group has changed from being Finns to being Muslims,” Tarvainen wrote in his opinion piece in the newspaper Folkbladet.

According to Tarvainen, the marked difference is that the Finnish immigrants quickly assimilated into Swedish society. Today, he argued, the conditions are different as a large proportion of immigrants are not assimilated or successfully integrated into society. Instead, they form their own areas, commonly referred to as areas of exclusion, vulnerable areas or no-go zones, which are largely parallel societies with a different mindset and a way of life. This, according to Tarvainen, results in reduced trust and social cohesion.

If and when the ethnic Swedes become a minority, the pace of demographic change will probably increase further because a majority of people with a foreign background will facilitate immigration for their own ethnic group, Tarvainen mused.

“Prominent Swedish engineers and businessmen will ensure that the Swedish economy does not collapse. But Swedish society and culture will lose their leading position. This demographic development can be stopped, but it will require radical changes in immigration policy. We are in a historically unique situation, and we northerners must begin to discuss immigration and the preservation of our nation-states,” Tarvainen concluded.

It’s pure hatred of the color of the skin to want to preserve the Swedish race.

After all, race doesn’t even exist. The single difference between a Swedish person and someone from the jungles of the Congo is that a Swedish person was lucky enough to be born in a rich country. If every person in the Congo had been born in Sweden, the Congo would be just as wealthy as Sweden.

It’s the luck of the draw, and we have to even the odds by exterminating the Swedish race.

The one question I have is: how can Swedes actually be eliminated when they never existed in the first place?

Race doesn’t exist and therefore Swedes never existed, and therefore actually, when they get replaced with foreigners, they’re not being replaced with foreigners, they’re being replaced with themselves.

Hey there, fellow Swedes