Sweden: Invaders Avoid Deportation by Refusing Covid Tests

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Migrants scheduled for removal from Sweden have found that if they refuse to undergo a test for the Wuhan coronavirus, they can not be deported.

Mikael Holmgren, acting head of the Border Patrol section in the western region, has noted that there are at least several cases a week of migrants in his district who have avoided repatriation to their home countries by refusing to be tested for coronavirus.

The technicality is due to those home nations demanding that those being deported test negative for the virus. Under Swedish law, the tests have to be conducted with the consent of the migrant as well, broadcaster SVT reports.

“During this pandemic and during this situation, it is every week that we have this problem. So it has become part of our everyday life,” Mr Holmgren told the broadcaster, according to Expressen.

“Many of these that we have in custody have been here even before the pandemic. So when it drags on, and they don’t agree to PCR tests, we can’t deport them. In the end, we have to let them go,” he added.

Breitbart always adds a few red pills at the end:

In 2020, Sweden also took in far more asylum seekers than its Nordic neighbours, with a report noting that the country had taken in three times as many asylum seekers as Denmark, Norway, and Finland had combined.

Despite travel restrictions during the pandemic, Sweden granted 82,200 residency permits from January through to November 2020.

Of course, Sweden was actually good on the lockdown issue, and didn’t do one.

Now they are doing a partial lockdown, because people are dying from the vaccine.


Sweden, which has shunned lockdowns throughout the pandemic, has registered 14,950 new coronavirus cases since Friday, health agency statistics showed on Tuesday.

The figure compared with 14,911 cases during the corresponding period last week.

The country of 10 million inhabitants registered 43 new deaths, taking the total to 14,091. The deaths registered have occurred over several days and sometimes weeks.

Sweden’s death rate per capita is many times higher than that of its Nordic neighbors’ but lower than in most European countries that opted for lockdowns.

They still don’t make people wear masks, but the cops wear masks and will give you a talking to if you try to play guitar in public.

(Look at how ugly that building is. Why would human beings want to live around something like that?)

It’s funny how a country that is so left-wing was able to be right-wing on one issue.