Sweden: Ebba Akerlund’s Father Questioned by Police for Protecting Daughter’s Grave from Crackhead Thief

Remember her? If you do, you’ve probably been visiting some websites only evil people visit

When someone did something at a Mosque in New Zealand, that someone said that he did that something as revenge for the death of Ebba Akerlund, a little girl who was turned into paste by an Islamic truck of peace.

Therefore, any love for Akerlund, or attempt to remember her, is considered evil. That means it is evil for her father to defend her grave.


The father of Swedish terror attack victim Ebba Akerlund has alleged that police questioned him after defending her gravesite from a woman he claimed was stealing objects from the cemetery.

Stefan Akerlund claimed that police questioned him for half an hour after allegedly catching a woman stealing objects from the cemetery where his daughter is buried.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Akerlund called on the public to identify the woman, who he referred to as a “crackhead”, saying that he had caught her stealing objects from his daughter’s grave as well as others at the cemetery.

He claimed that he had detained the woman but said that bystanders reported him to the police instead, saying: “Passerby idiots called and report me to the police because I was trying to hold on to the thief. So now I’ve been questioned by the police for 30 minutes.”

“What a wonderful society we have!!!” he said and added: “I put sweets for Ebba here every Saturday — those and other things you have the audacity to steal.”

The incident is not the first time Mr Akerlund has claimed that people have desecrated his daughter’s grave. In November 2018, he claimed that an illegal migrant had vandalised her grave at least 30 times and attacked other graves in the cemetery.

“We live in a society” is a standard white supremacist dog-whistle originating from the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Zach Snyder is a white supremacist linked to the underground neo-Nazi gang Geeks+Gamers. The gang engaged in an intimidation campaign against Jewish Hollywood producers to get them to release the so-called “Snyder Cut,” which brought fringe “gamer” culture into the mainstream.

There needs to be a total investigation of Stefan Akerland’s white terrorist links to Zach Snyder and his rough gang of curb-stomping neo-Nazis, Geeks+Gamers.

But Seriously

Police harassment of the father of a little girl killed by terrorists really is beyond the pale.

How does anyone accept this?

The moral goodness of brown people is such a weird abstraction, which has no correlation to reality. It’s like Jean Baudrillard tier simulacra, where you’ve got to construct a fake image of the Moslems, then connect that to the concept of moral purity, and overwrite the real behavior of Moslems with the manufactured moral symbol – then at the same time you are overwriting actual innocence, in the form of a little girl turned into a paste by an Islamic peace truck, with a manufactured concept of metaphysical evil.

Pure moral perfection and pure otherworldly evil are concepts that do not even exist in the real world in the first place, you see. So you are inventing these abstractions, and then applying them to people whose every action opposes the defined abstraction.

It is actually insane.