Student Who had Sex with Female Teacher to Get $2.25 Million from California School District

Laura Whitehurst

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New York Post:

A southern California school district will shell out $2.25 million to a sex abuse victim of a teacher — who was impregnated by another student.

The settlement brings the total amount paid by Redlands Unified School District to Laura Whitehurst’s victims to $8.25 million since her arrest in 2013, the Southern California News Group reported.

The latest lawsuit was filed in 2021 by a former Redlands High School student who claimed Whitehurst preyed on him in 2007 and 2008, when he was just 14 years old, according to the plaintiff’s attorney.

Whitehurst later admitted to having sex with him as much as 15 times inside the San Bernadino classroom and at her apartment.

The English teacher and soccer coach pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with three former students, one of whom she shares a baby with.

The school district last agreed in 2016 to pay another victim — the father of the teacher’s child — $6 million for the abuse he withstood.

Good on this kid for getting his money from that hoe.

Again, I have to say: I don’t really see how it is even illegal for these women to do this. It’s unclear who the victim is. Claiming the boy is a victim is retarded. I mean, he’s a victim in the way that all men who are seduced by women are victims, but it’s not hardly a matter for the law.

But hey – I support niggas getting they money.


Laura Whitehurst talking with a lawyer on July 31, 2013