Sports Commentator Taken Off Air After Anonymous Instagram Post About “Unwanted Advances”

Did you think #metoo couldn’t get any worse after Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison for allegedly raping his own girlfriend who dated him for years after the alleged rape?

Well – think again.

Metoo is already now being applied to being mean to women, as in the case of male feminist icon Joss Whedon being accused of meanness by Gal Gadot. Furthermore, you can now apparently get metoo’d by anonymous women.

Daily Mail:

Color commentator F.P. Santangelo, a former major-league infielder, has been pulled from Washington Nationals broadcasts following allegations of inappropriate behavior that included sexual misconduct.

Santangelo has been on and off the air since April 30 and was not part of the team that called the Nationals’ 4-3 loss to the New York Yankees in extra innings on Saturday.

Allegations from an anonymous woman were posted on social media recently.

The same woman, who is 31, also told The Athletic that Santangelo, 53, made an ‘unwanted advance’ many years ago and she repeatedly told him to stop.

She alleged he sexually assaulted her.

The woman made the allegations in an Instagram post.

She said that Santangelo sent her ‘angry text messages’ and blocked her on social media.

The woman added that she isn’t seeking charges or compensation but wanted to talk about her alleged experience with the broadcaster, especially since he is a well-known figure in the public eye.

‘Late last week, we were made aware of allegations of conduct by F.P. Santangelo that are inconsistent with our values as an organization,’ the Nationals said in a statement issued over the weekend.

‘We alerted the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network and revoked our approval of him as a member of our broadcast team. MASN assured us that they would investigate these allegations thoroughly.

‘After MASN notified us that their investigation was complete and that F.P. should be reinstated, additional posts appeared. Once again, we notified MASN and revoked our approval of F.P. as a member of our broadcast team indefinitely. Moving forward, we will refer all questions regarding this investigation to F.P.’s employer, MASN.’

In a text message sent to media outlets, Santangelo has denied the allegations.

‘What I have read in a recently published article from an anonymous individual about me is untrue and did not happen,’ Santangelo said.

How would he even know if it happened, given that the woman is anonymous?

That’ll be the next thing: even if it didn’t happen, if a woman thinks it happened, you’re guilty. And the way it is determined whether or not a woman thinks it happened is based on whether or not a woman says she thinks it happened.

This guy is a Latino and probably an Afro-Latino.

So this is not some kind of race-related anti-white witch hunt (as was maybe arguably the case with Harvey Weinstein, even though he is Jewish).

This is just – I don’t even know what this is. The PERSON is anonymous. You don’t even know that it’s a woman. It could be some guy who he beat at baseball in high school.

But this is for sure now at the point of “full Bolshevism,” where just someone starting a rumor about you means your life is destroyed.

You hear a lot about gulags and torture under communism in Russia. Aside from the fact that it is clearly exaggerated by Western powers (just like the alleged abuses of the Jews by Nazi Germany), it is just an accepted fact that gulags were not the experience of most people under the USSR, nor was it the fear of most people in the USSR when it was happening. Most people’s fear was the system turning against them and making their life hell.

The system could turn on you and put you out of work (fired or demoted), put you on a list, get you moved to a different apartment complex, get you hassled with paperwork, get you stuck in a court system – whatever. If a government is gulaging and torturing people left and right, it’s not going to last long. But a government can keep people on edge and keep them in check.

The goal is not really to punish criminals, or even to punish people that the state doesn’t like. The goal is simply to keep everyone in a state of fear and paranoia, which makes them easier to control.