Spain: Judge Decides Incapacitated Woman Gets Forced Vaccination Against Family’s Will

Don’t they know that vaccines are good for you?

They’re a universal good, like broccoli.

You want as many as you can get. Good thing the government is your mommy, and knows what’s best for you. Because you might just be a silly billy that doesn’t know how life works.

Life Site News:

A judge in Spain’s autonomous Galicia region has given legal permission to a local nursing home to administer a COVID-19 vaccine to an elderly, incapacitated resident, overriding the express protests of her family who are worried about the jab’s harmful side effects.

The case is the first of its kind in a country where the government has repeatedly emphasized that vaccinations would be voluntary, according to a report by the Associated Press (AP). Judge Javier Fraga Mandián ruled that, even though the woman was “incapacitated to provide valid consent,” the potential harm from her not taking the vaccine was greater than the possible side-effects of the vaccine.

This judge was a scientist, maybe.

Or rather – he listened to the science.

Mommy loves science.

The nursing home where the 84-year-old woman is currently resident, DomusVi San Lázaro, petitioned the court for the right to inject the woman after her daughter, who is also her legal guardian, decided not to consent to staff administering the abortion-tainted Pfizer-BioNTech jab to her elderly mother. DomusVi said that, of all the residents for whom they care at their residential properties across Spain, this has been the only case in which a legal guardian has refused the vaccine on behalf of their ward.

The care home also revealed at the time that 98% of their 15,000 residents had consented to being vaccinated, with the remaining 2% who refused being of sound mind to do so, save the woman in question.

Reports confirm that the woman was unable to consent or refuse the vaccination herself. Her advanced stage of dementia inhibited her from “even minimal participation in the decision on the desirability or otherwise of being vaccinated.”

Despite the daughter’s legal guardianship of her mother, Mandián saw the occasion as a legal obligation for the court to intervene, where, according to him, the “existence of tens of thousands of deaths” in Spain was cause enough to make the ruling: “The epidemic is expanding and the risk to life is very significant. This is about balancing the two risks and opting for the lesser evil, which for an 84-year-old person means having the vaccination.”

You see, it’s the government’s choice.

The government is the mommy.

The Jews already decided they can do this to anyone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a real vaccine, or if it’s some kind of weird thing that might change your DNA – they can just inject you with whatever.

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