Shampoo Commercial Shows Lesbians Raising Kidnapped Boy as a Girl

It’s not just homosexual men who sexually abuse their “adopted” children.

According to this shampoo advertisement, lesbians turn their “adopted” children (actually kidnapped) into transsexuals, due to their hatred and fear of men.

The commercial is produced by Pantene, possibly the most famous of the shampoo brands.

The advertisement shows the lesbians dressing up the boy as a girl, and argues that it is very important for so-called “child faggots” to be confident in the volume of their hair.

Weird, wacky stuff.

At this point, no one really believes that this total homosexualization of children is good, but no one can speak up against it. So these corporations are ramming it down our throats.

This is apparently a real “family” featured in the ad, as they go back and show the poor little boy being manipulated by the lesbians into embracing mental illness at a younger age. The lesbians would force the boy to do a faggot dance.

The ad is not so much for shampoo as it is for dressing little boys up like girls, then making their anuses into pounding-holes for deranged adult homosexuals.

In the homosexual community, it is clear that lesbians regularly provide male homosexuals with children for sex, in order to ensure that the child develops as a homosexual as an adult.

This is not okay.