Seychelles: Most Vaxxed Country in the World Sees Huge Spike in Deaths, More New Cases Than Any Other Country

How do the vaxx believers even begin to explain this?

Of course, they cannot explain it, so they just don’t talk about it.

It’s literally not in the news at all.

Free West Media:

Due to the enormous increase in the number of infections in the Seychelles, Corona measures are being tightened. The current vaccination world champion now has the highest number of new infections daily since the beginning of the Corona crisis. The number of deaths is also increasing enormously. Are vaccines to blame?

The Seychelles are a small island nation in the Indian Ocean and a world leader in terms of population vaccination coverage. Some 62,2 percent of the island’s residents are fully vaccinated, according to a report from Bloomberg. For comparison: in Israel “only” 55,9 percent have been vaccinated twice. Here too, the Corona numbers in connection with the vaccination have exploded.

Seychelles worse than India

At the end of April, the island nation reported over 100 new infections a day with a population of almost 100 000, and on May 10 there were 314, according to Worldometer. In terms of population, the Seychelles even surpass India. The sad thing is that the number of deaths has also risen rapidly. From January 1, 2021 until today, there have been 28 Covid deaths, according to the information provided by the platform. The number of active cases increased from 744 on April 30 to 2 486 by May 10. The majority – 84 percent – are the locals.

Hidden death count

Officially, the dead are of course not attributed to the vaccinations As Austrian daily Wochenblick reported several times, however, this connection cannot be dismissed out of hand. The mainstream media have not reported on this issue. Tourism or Sinopharm’s Chinese vaccine is blamed for the rise in “infections” in the Seychelles. But Vaxzevria from AstraZeneca was also used there with devastating consequences linked to this dangerous vector vaccine.

Everything thus far points to Sinopharm being a placebo. From the outset, it seemed very unlikely that the Chinese would poison their own people as they are shutting down feminists to promote an increase in the birthrate. Sinopharm is also the only vaxx that is claiming to be a standard vaxx. The rest of them, as you know, are weird genetic mutant cocktails.

To be clear: we are not recommending anyone take any vaxx. Better safe than sorry. But it seems very unlikely that China, a country that is not a part of the globalist order, would poison people.

Conversely, AstraZeneca appears to be the single most deadly of the deadly vaxxes.

Vaxzevria can cause an autoimmune disease. This leads to a reduction in blood platelets, which are primarily responsible for the functioning of wound healing. Life-threatening bleeding and thrombosis can be triggered.

This autoimmune disease is called thrombocytopenia, in which the number of blood platelets (thrombocytes) is massively reduced. The reason for this is that antibodies are formed against the so-called platelet factor 4 (PF4). PF4 occurs when the platelets begin to “clump” together, for example to close damage to a blood vessel or the skin. If this mechanism does not work properly, dangerous bleeding occurs or the platelets clump together and cause thrombosis.

Vacation paradise introduces stricter measures

Due to the skyrocketing number of “new infections” or positive PCR tests, the Seychelles Ministry of Health has once again announced massive restrictions on public life. Schools are closed again, events for the next two weeks have been cancelled, large gathering are prohibited and bars have to close earlier.

Other than the vaccine, what could cause this?

What are even the options?

Even if you believe in the virus, exactly as Anthony Fauci promotes it (and you change your views whenever he changes his statements) – how do you explain a massive explosion in deaths happening immediately after the vaxx?

Bloomberg tried to question Peggy Vidot, the health minister, and Jude Gedeon, the health officer of the Seychelles.

Peggy Vidot: This health minister is a woman. That’s probably connected somehow.

These people did not respond.

In theory, they could come out and say: “you people vaxxed us to death!”

But when everyone in the country has already been vaxxed, how can they come out and say something against vaxxing? They’re pretty much locked in, once they’ve already convinced millions of people to take it.

Everyone is now locked into this vaxx system. No one can come out and say it’s dangerous, because too many people have taken it.

Michael Yeadon, who was a top scientist at Pfizer, is saying he expects the long term effects to start killing people in two years.

However, from what we’re seeing in Seychelles, the “long term” effects could actually be mid-term, and people could just really start dying in large amounts right now.

As we’ve seen in India, they are preparing to blame deaths from the vaxx on the virus itself. So don’t be surprised if by the fall, we start seeing a real death toll from the vaxx, and they start claiming it is from a “new deadly strain” of the “deadly coronavirus.”

It’s all just so ridiculous and stupid it makes you sick.

The good news is: buy property in Seychelles. We will use it as the base for our New Aryan Empire of the Unvaxxable.

Their population is getting cleared out, and it’s a really nice paradise-style spot.