Scrabble Bans Hundreds of Words to Prevent Hurting Feelings

It’s about time someone took a step back and asked how the Scrabble dictionary was affecting black people.

White people go around, not even thinking about how their actions hurt others. That’s why so many people hate white people and think they should be slaughtered.

The Times:

The men and women who make up Scrabble’s most dedicated following are rarely short for words. Now they are using their expansive vocabulary to express anger after the game’s owner banned them from playing racial slurs.

Mattel, which owns the rights to the game outside North America, has been accused of pandering to censorious westerners by removing from official lists 400 derogatory terms that it believes have no place in a family game.

Mattel’s current CEO is a Jew

Mattel has refused to publish the list but the official word checker shows that the banned terms include epithets against black, Pakistani and Irish people.

The ruling, which follows a similar move by the American rights owner Hasbro, affects competition-level Scrabble, which is played by thousands of people at international tournaments.

The move has split the community as players rebel. Three prominent members of the World English-Language Scrabble Players Association (Wespa) quit in protest because they felt that playing a word was not insulting in itself.

Darryl Francis, a British author who has helped to oversee official Scrabble word lists since the 1980s, resigned because he said that Mattel had forced the changes upon players.

“Words listed in dictionaries and Scrabble lists are not slurs,” Francis wrote. “They only become slurs when used with a derogatory purpose or intent, or used with a particular tone and in a particular context. Words in our familiar Scrabble word lists should not be removed because of a PR purpose disguised as promoting some kind of social betterment.”

Wespa voted in February on whether to keep the words even if this would mean severing links with Mattel and having to remove Scrabble from its name. The motion, which required a three-quarters majority, failed to carry but showed a deep split, with 156 votes to abandon Mattel and 172 to remain.

David Webb, a Scrabble grandmaster, said that the British association felt obliged to remain because “Mattel basically pointed a gun at our head”.

“They said: ‘Accept expurgations or we will withdraw the licence and stop you from using the name Scrabble’,” Webb said.

None of the Scrabble associations from Africa voted to lose the words. Webb said that a decision to ban ethnic slurs had been imposed by middle-class white people.

“Mattel are not responding to any demands or conflicts from within the Scrabble world, which is international, inclusive and friendly. Therefore its actions are seen by many as virtue signalling, making a token gesture or ‘woke’. Imposing American values on the world is pretty obnoxious, and forcing its licensees like Wespa to agree to expurgation or lose their licence is bullying.”

Other banned words include terms used by ethnic minorities for white people. The Jewish words goy and shiksa, which denote non-Jewish people, have also been purged.

It’s about damn time.

I mean it’s 2020 already.

I mean 2021.

It’s the year that it is right now, and it’s not like we’re living in Serbia in 1242 trying to repel an invasion by the Mongols. We have to get rid of these words. We have to purge words out of the dictionary. It’s the damn current year already, get rid of the words.

By 2050—earlier, probably—all real knowledge of Oldspeak will have disappeared. The whole literature of the past will have been destroyed. Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron—they’ll exist only in Newspeak versions, not merely changed into something different, but actually contradictory of what they used to be. Even the literature of The Party will change. Even the slogans will change. How could you have a slogan like Freedom is Slavery when the concept of freedom has been abolished? The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.

George Orwell, 1984 (1948)

Man, that seventy-year-old book quote really slices like a hot knife through butter, doesn’t it?

But it’s 2021. We don’t need to be reading books. It’s not 1860! We’re not living in a log cabin where the only light is an oil lamp and so the only thing we can do after dark besides having unprotected sex is read a book! This is 2021! We have Netflix! We don’t need to read books!