Scotland: Trucker Gets 18 Months in Jail for Owning Stun Gun and Pepper Spray

This is another guy who ended up in prison for owning stun guns. He was less lucky and got 5 years.

The big coronavirus question is this: how can you have a country when no one is allowed to make adult decisions?

The British, however, have been asking and answering that question for a while.


A lorry driver who purchased a stun gun and pepper spray for self-defence after being attacked by illegal migrants has been imprisoned.

The offending articles were found in the cab of 40-year-old Graeme McMurray, of Denny, during a spot check at a ferry terminal in Cairnryan, Scotland, as he was en route to Belfast.

McMurray had been attacked by illegal migrants in France in Boulogne, France, in 2018, leaving him with a broken arm, according to a court report. Such attacks on lorry drivers by migrants seeking to break into their vehicles and cross the British border are far from uncommon, but the judge was unsympathetic.

“You pled guilty to possession of a pepper spray for your protection after you were assaulted by illegal immigrants during the course of your work. That is no excuse, you have only yourself to blame,” lectured Judge Lord Mulholland at the High Court in Glasgow.

“Any cursory internet search would reveal these weapons are illegal,” he said, handing down a sentence of 18 months to the now-fired driver.

The Cuck Island government literally sends female police to take arts and crafting scissors away from elementary school children, explaining to them they are dangerous weapons.

That’s a real post. It’s probably still up.

You can type “British cops scissors” and get many results about the banning of scissors from school and the confiscation of scissors from school children.

I don’t know how a country like this can be considered a serious country or a country that is capable of fighting wars with other countries.

In 2018, the Scottish police prosecuted a man for having a potato peeler in public.

His defense was that he’s retarded.