Scholz Calls for More Peace Talks

I was shocked when I heard about bestiality brothels in Germany; then I saw this guy’s face. Yikes.

German top dog Olaf Scholz, who was recently accused of dressing up like an Indian man and jerking off on a teenage girl on a plane, is begging America to please, please, please let Europe end the war against Russia.

America is obviously attempting to prolong the war until after the 2024 election, when Joe Biden will have a fraudulent mandate to use the military to force everyone in the world to do sodomy on each other.


The recent summit on Ukraine in Jeddah was a “very special” event, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said, calling for a greater diplomatic effort to end the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

Scholz made the remarks in his major annual summer interview with German broadcaster ZDF, which aired on Sunday. The chancellor urged further diplomatic effort, stating it was actually useful to “press” Russia.

“It makes sense for us to continue these talks because they increase the pressure on Russia to realize that it has taken the wrong path and that it must withdraw its troops and make peace possible,” Scholz stated.

The chancellor also noted a similar diplomatic event hosted by Denmark in June, stating that these talks and the summit hosted by Saudi Arabia were both “very special” events.

“They are very important and they are really only the beginning,” Scholz stated.

It’s become a difficult job to be the Chancellor of Germany. Germany is obviously occupied by the United States, with Washington determining all of the foreign policy – and much of the domestic policy – of the infamously dramatic losers of World War II.

The Chancellor has to pretend he is some kind of representative of the German people, while it remains not only obvious, but a public fact that his policy is being dictated by American Jews.

This Jewish war in the Ukraine has been a disaster for Germany. Everyone with money in Germany is well aware of this fact, and is not happy about it. Typically, rich people do not like losing a lot of money for no reason. Conversely, people who are not rich are often semi-retarded, and driven purely by childlike emotions.

If you’re the supposed leader of a country, you’re required to appease the rich, while the non-rich can be largely distracted with moronic emotional gibberish about the absolute need to force homosexuality on Russians at any cost.

Scholz has to keep pretending like he is pushing for negotiations, while also shipping the Ukraine all these weapons and acting like a border skirmish in the former USSR is an existential crisis for Germans.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in Washington are going for a record breaking “war on every continent” administration, as they claim they can easily continue the Ukraine war while starting wars in Africa and Asia.

Biden has hinted that he wants his 2024 campaign symbol to be “a sick biker skull” to symbolize “total mayhem.”

Biden has also reportedly been listening to AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” while reviewing “security measures” that include invading several new countries.