San Francisco’s Anti-Vape Legislation Leads to 30% Increase in Teens Smoking Cigarettes

They let you shoot up heroin on the street in San Francisco, but strawberry-flavored E-liquids are banned.

Daily Mail:

A ban on flavored tobacco products in San Francisco intended to reduce youth smoking may have had the opposite effect, a new study suggests.

The 2018 ban was mainly targeted towards the sale of flavored vapes and electronic cigarettes that are popular with underage smokers.

That same year, the California city saw a 30 percent increase in underage use of cigarettes, while other cities across the country continue to see declines.

Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) believe the ban caused high schoolers who would have used the flavored nicotine to instead reach for cigarettes.

The team, says its study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, is the first to see how flavor bans affect the smoking habits of teenagers

‘These findings suggest a need for caution,’ study author Dr Abigail Friedman, an assistant professor of health policy at YSPH, said in a statement.

‘While neither smoking cigarettes nor vaping nicotine are safe per se, the bulk of current evidence indicates substantially greater harms from smoking, which is responsible for nearly one in five adult deaths annually.

‘Even if it is well-intentioned, a law that increases youth smoking could pose a threat to public health.’

Smoking cigarettes is seen more dangerous than vaping, because someone who smokes cigarettes is also inhaling tobacco and other more dangerous chemicals, unlike vaping where a person is only inhaling heated nicotine.

Vape also removes the “secondhand smoke” theory, which is how they originally attacked cigarettes (it’s a hoax).

Meanwhile, junkies literally line the streets, spreading disease and harassing passersby.


There is no evidence that vaping is dangerous.

There could be problems with some of the flavor ingredients, but that should just be regulated.

People cannot be prevented from using nicotine. It is healthy and increases testosterone.

That’s why they want to ban nicotine, while promoting weed and heroin: weed and heroin lower your testosterone.

This is an anti-masculinity society.

Smoking cigarettes is better than not having any nicotine at all, but there is no reason to smoke cigarettes when you have vape.

We need freedom.