San Diego Zoo Vaccinates Gorillas Against Covid

According to them, the gorillas already had it, and nothing happened to them, but they still need a shot for some reason

Anyone who you test for “Covid” using the PCR testing regime will test positive. We saw this early on when some African authorities tested a piece of fruit and it tested positive for the virus.

So of course the gorillas were positive. And that means they need the vaccine.

Business Insider:

Several great apes at the San Diego Zoo were given experimental Covid-19 vaccines for animals Wednesday morning, becoming the first known non-human primates to receive a vaccine in the US outside of an experiment.

Back in January, eight gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park tested positive for COVID-19. Global Conservation and Wildlife Health Officer Nadine Lamberski told Insider in an interview that the “alarm bells” first went off when the zoo’s 49-year-old silverback gorilla named Winston started coughing a few days after finding out one of their wildlife care specialists had Covid-19.

“As soon as we knew that an employee was positive, we were on high alert, so just that one or two coughs really sent the alarm bells off, and we immediately started to get the permissions necessary to submit samples for diagnostic testing,” Lamberski said.

Alarm bells, alarm bells, alarm bells.

Stupidest buzzword of all, frankly.

I hate focus group language almost as much as I hate the people who use it.

We really had to divide and conquer it, and everybody had a different role,” she said. “We had our wildlife care specialists trying to figure out, you know, if we could separate the animals, and what if one animal was severely ill and had to have intensive care? Was that even possible?”

“So again, we had a lot of people doing a lot of things simultaneously because we wanted to be prepared for any outcome,” she continued. “You know, we were hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.”

The gorillas had made a full recovery by mid-February, and Lamberski said she worked on trying to obtain vaccines to prevent further infection in the gorilla troop and other apes at the zoo.

So basically, a gorilla coughed, then they tested them using a fake test, then they decided to vaccinate them all for coronavirus.

Weird story.

The public narrative is “coronavirus is everything.” So they throw stuff like “gorilla coronavirus, vaccine now” out in the media to boost the narrative.