Russian Media Ponders Why the Kremlin Isn’t Training Scottish Terrorists in Siberia

In a clip from a couple weeks ago that has recently gone viral, commenters on Russian television said that the Russian government should respond to the UK training Ukrainian and Polish terrorists in Europe by training Scottish terrorists in Siberia.

The comments were a bit tongue in cheek, but there is some truth to the sentiment: Russia is not responding to Western aggression in kind. The West is engaged in total war against Russia, and Russia is only focused on diplomacy and the battle on the ground in the Ukraine.

On some level, I understand the Russian perspective – they want to appear as “the white man” (pun intended) on the world stage by not doing dirty deeds.

However, there is a dialectic between funding Scottish terrorists (did they mean to say “Irish”?), and doing nothing at all.

I’ve pointed out repeatedly that there are a lot of people in America – myself probably being the most influential and certainly the most handsome – who support Russia and are totally censored in the West. It seems to me that it would make a whole lot of sense for Russia to offer some kind of “free speech” alternative for right-wingers in the West who support Russia and are banned from everything.

The US funds all kinds of disinformation aimed at Russian citizens. Russians wouldn’t have to create the content – myself and others create the content. They’d just have to help us out with our censorship situation, which wouldn’t cost much and wouldn’t have any consequences.

There are other things I would suggest, if someone was asking me.