Russia Getting Richer, West Getting Poorer

The entire Ukraine war theory was based around the idea that the war could force the Russian economy to collapse, and thereby force the Putin government to collapse. The plan, since the 1990s, has been to further break up Russia, so that it is impossible for them to be a threat to the West.

This obviously did not work. The logical thing to do in response to the fact that this did not work would have been to end the war to prevent the collapse of European economies. But apparently, by that point, this war machine was propelled by inertia.

Business Insider:

Russians got richer last year even as the war in Ukraine raged on, while the US and Europe lost trillions of dollars, UBS reported.

Russia added $600 billion of total wealth, the Swiss bank found in its annual Global Wealth Report, published Tuesday.

The number of Russian millionaires also rose by about 56,000 to 408,000 in 2022, while the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals — people worth over $50 million — jumped by nearly 4,500.

But the US lost more wealth than any other country last year, shedding $5.9 trillion, while North America and Europe combined got $10.9 trillion poorer, UBS reported.

There were also 1 million fewer American millionaires by the end of 2022, although the US still accounted for over 50% of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals, the bank said.

I would have assumed Europe did worse than the US.

But the US was maybe more affected by the coronavirus hoax, whereas the Europeans are taking the brunt of the fallout from this lunatic war against Russia.

Regardless: it’s clear that among Western elite decision-makers, there are no adults in the room. The West is collapsing in on itself, so all Russia and China need to do is hold out until that happens.

And then, we’ll be living in a whole new world, where no government has the right to force your son to cut his dick off.