Russell Brand Rape Hoax Blowing Up – Top of New York Post, UK Cops Already Involved

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The machine has gone into overdrive over spurious rape allegations against actor-turned-internet-rightist Russell Brand.

The allegations, originally reported by the Times of London on Saturday, are now a top story everywhere, including being the feature of Sunday morning’s New York Post. The Post is framing him like a Weinstein figure, saying that he was going after every girl in his vicinity and that the girls were oh-so-very threatened.

It’s also been announced that the UK cops are “asking for other victims to come forward.”


I already wrote a big thing about this a few hours ago, so go read that. But rather than just add an update to that, I’m publishing a second piece, because it’s Sunday and I want to fill up the page so I can relax because this seriously changes the dynamics of the situation.

He’s on the front page of the Guardian, where some mush-faced faggot (who thinks he’s going to get pussy by virtue signaling about Brand) gives the Channel 4 report 5 Stars (the maximum number of stars). This just aired a few hours ago, and was not out at the time I wrote the previous piece.

The Guardian is of course going completely nuts, acting like this is a new 911 type event.

With the original allegations yesterday, it was like “yeah, he’s probably f-ed,” but over the last few hours, it’s escalated to involve a bloodthirsty mob and the police, so I’m comfortable saying: “he’s looking at a situation where the US and UK are arguing about who gets to put him in prison first.”

As far as I know, his primary residence is currently in the UK. He did a show in London last night, and the media showed up to take unflattering pictures of him leaving the venue.

The Times piece has girls from both the US and the UK, and claims that one of the Americans actually went to a rape center the day after she had sex with him and that this is on record, and that there are text messages where he apologizes to her for “raping” her.

In the UK, one of the girls was 16 (when he was in his 30s), and she describes him referring to her as a “child.”

He is so, so very doomed.

Presumably, more girls will “come forward,” just because they are old and bitter that he is still young and handsome.

I’m going to say again: he needs to be in Moscow when the charges come down. They’re going to take his passport, and even if he has another passport, that creates all kinds of problems.

This stuff is stressful, I know, and it’s hard to think on your feet when the crisis happens. But I would just tell him this: look at it like you’re just going to take a little Russian vacation while you see what happens next.

His response would likely be that it would make him look guilty to leave the country, but my response to that response would be that the media and the cops have already decided he’s guilty and the only thing leaving does is make it look like he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Russell Brand, who does a show on Rumble, is no Nick Fuentes, but he is on par with Tucker Carlson on the “far right” spectrum (and I think better than Carlson in several different ways). I’m sure he would take issue with the categorization as “far right,” but I don’t know what you call it – it’s political content that goes as far as you can with the truth without mentioning Jews, abolishing democracy, ending women’s rights, executing homosexuals, or several other issues that you’re really only going to read here, or hear on the Nick Fuentes podcast.

Brand’s material is basically boomer friendly, but it’s stuff they don’t want people hearing. I mean, Fox News fired Tucker Carlson for a reason. I have my complaints about Tucker Carlson (alien hoaxing, virus hoaxing, China balloon hoaxing, etc.), but I’m not going to claim that the establishment likes him.

I said when the Harvey Weinstein ruling happened: they are definitely going to use this for political purposes, because it can be applied to any man who has ever had sex. The Weinstein ruling made heterosexual sex de facto illegal, because any girl can say that any sexual interaction she had with you was rape.

I am a crisis management expert, and this situation is very clear to me:

Go to Russia, Russell! Go to the airport, and go right now!

Even if you think there is some way you can get out of this, there is zero chance you are going to regret being cautious.

There is a very big chance that when they seize your passport, you are going to regret thinking you can talk your way out of an organized lynching involving the entire media establishment.