Pudgy Mommy Labels Xi a “Dictator” as Vaginastan (Formerly Known as Germany) Heats Up Anti-China Agenda

China doesn’t even have anything to do with Germany. At least the Ukraine is in Europe.

It’s difficult to argue that America has anything to do with China – or rather, that China has done anything to America. But at least the Americans make the claim that they have a right to dominate the world and force their system on everyone, and therefore claim a right to bully and harass China into doing their bidding.

Europeans do not claim these rights. Germany does not have military bases in South “Korea” (it’s not really a Korea, there is only one Korea), Japan, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, or Guam.

Germany has no world conquest agenda, and therefore, they have literally nothing at all to do with Asia.

This is the situation:

  • The US has a series of agendas.
  • The US pushes the idea that they have a “universal morality” through the global media.
  • Women, who are totally obsessed with social signaling and moral grandstanding, go out and support any and all American agendas.

Through this mechanism, you have Europe (which is really almost completely run by women) ready to push whatever agenda the Americans want pushed.


German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has branded Chinese President Xi Jinping a “dictator,” warning that a Russian victory in the Ukraine conflict could embolden leaders like him.

In an interview with Fox News released on Thursday, Baerbock was asked for her take on how Berlin and the West think the hostilities between Kiev and Moscow will end. According to the foreign minister, the only outcome can be “liberty and peace in Ukraine.”

What “liberty” are we talking about here, cunt?

Zelensky has banned all opposition media and all political opposition. He just arrested another opposition political figure this week. He is closing down churches left and right, sending paramilitary troops in to attack priests. Both teenagers and old men are being press-ganged off the streets, forced to go die in a totally unwinnable war (which the Ukrainian government does not even appear to be trying to win, simply sending as many men as possible to die).

Liberty is a word with a definition.

Are we just talking about gay sex?

I know it’s been done to death, but seriously – the Kiev Junta is the most brutally oppressive government on earth, almost certainly. I think it’s worse than like, South Sudan or whatever you could compare it to, but it is definitely in the top 3 most restrictive governments in the world. It’s best compared to the Bolshevik government that existed in Russia from 1917 to 1924, or perhaps the Pol Pot regime.

“Because if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin were to win this war, what sign would that be for other dictators in the world? Like Xi, the Chinese president? So, therefore, Ukraine must win this war,” she said, reiterating Germany’s commitment to support Kiev for “as long as it takes.”

China’s Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on the remarks.

Baerbock’s comments also come after the German government released its first-ever “Strategy on China” in July, which called for a change in its approach to Beijing. The document insisted on cutting the country’s dependence on China – Germany’s main trading partner – in a number of “critical sectors,” including medicine, lithium batteries, and elements used in chipmaking.

While recognizing that China remains Germany’s key partner in tackling climate change and fostering sustainable development, Berlin voiced concerns about what it called Beijing’s increasingly assertive policies and attempts to “reshape the existing rules-based international order.”



As we’ve pointed out six million times, these people will never explain what the rules to this “rules-based order” actually are. Seriously, they’ve been asked continually, especially since the start of the Ukraine war, to give a list of the rules, and they won’t do it. And yet, they continue to use this term.

The rules are a secret. How can people follow secret rules? It’s simply not a reasonable expectation. What is the process of following secret rules? Is it a mystery they are supposed to solve? They find clues as to what the rules are, then try to put together their own theoretical list, and follow it?

Assuming US behavior is the model for the rules-based order, and the rules are simply a kind of “repeat after me” situation, there is nothing about the invasion of the Ukraine that violates the rules-based order. The US constantly invades countries, often without any developed pretext. They bombed Libya because they said there were protests there (they funded the protests). They invaded Iraq based on intelligence they now admit was faked. They helped Albanian terrorists steal Kosovo, so certainly annexing territory from another country is not violating established rules. (They also tried to help the Kurds steal parts of Syria and Iraq to establish a Kurdistan state.)

Further: how is China trying to “reshape” anything? China is a mercantile state. They are engaged in trade. They are in some sense “reshaping” the world in that they are attempting to establish trade as a basis for the way countries interact with one another, as opposed to war and threats being the norm of international relations as established by America.

Is that one of the rules? That all international relations should be based on war and threats of war?

Is that a good rule?

By the way, I think it’s important to add that Annalena Baerbock is fat and looks like she has Down syndrome.