Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison

I’ve repeatedly noted that Enrique Tarrio was an FBI informant before joining the Proud Boys, and have asserted that he more or less certainly was serving as an informant while involved in the Proud Boys.

Some people would probably say “oh well then why is he going to prison for 22 years???”

It’s because the FBI doesn’t have respect for their informants.

It’s like asking “why did the man kill the woman if she was a hooker and was already going to have sex with him for money???”

(It just makes no sense that a black former FBI informant would happen to join and lead a white supremacy group. There was also no evidence of any kind of passion on his part. I’m not aware of a single meaningful statement of his beliefs he ever made.)

That said: this sentence is completely insane, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact he’s an informant.


Enrique Tarrio, former leader of the Proud Boys right-wing activist group, has been sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for his role in organizing the January 2021 US Capitol riot.

US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly handed down the sentence on Tuesday in Washington, marking the longest prison term yet among more than 1,100 Capitol riot-related criminal cases.

Tarrio’s long sentence for seditious conspiracy reflected the judge’s finding that he committed an act of terrorism, even though he was not in Washington on the day more than 2,000 people stormed the Capitol building, seeking to disrupt the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory.

He was not in Washington.

“I am not a political zealot,” Tarrio told Kelly at his sentencing hearing. “Inflicting harm or changing the results of the election was not my goal. Please show me mercy. I ask you that you not take my 40s from me.”

Boy, they’re taking your 50s too.

Assuming this system continues as is, there will be campaigns to prevent you from getting out on parole.

Tarrio was in a Baltimore hotel room, about 40 miles outside of Washington, during the Capitol breach. He was under a court order to stay out of the city in connection with an unrelated arrest two days prior to the riot.

Prosecutors, who requested a 33-year prison sentence, claimed that Tarrio was a ringleader of the plot to stop the transfer of power to Biden from then-President Donald Trump. He sent messages from his hotel room encouraging the Proud Boys members who participated in the riot.

Why would you not use an encrypted messaging app with auto-delete?

That seems to be the only thing that they even have on him – that he was sending texts. I haven’t read the court documents, but what else could he have done, given that he was not even at the event?

This is total 1930s USSR-tier behavior by the US criminal justice system.

The judge and prosecutors should be the ones in prison.