Portland Public Schools Introduce “Equitable Grading” Because Blacks are Dumb

White people see this, and they’re either outraged because it’s not fair or they think it’s okay because it doesn’t really matter and maybe it will make the blacks feel better.

I can understand both points of view, and I think they both have some validity. Frankly, if there were no consequences, the idea of humoring the blacks by simply giving them good grades regardless would not be particularly offensive to me.

However, this is systemic, and the goal is not simply to make blacks feel better. The goal is to push the blacks not only through high school, but through the higher education system, and into positions where they will hold various forms of responsibility.

This is not safe, for one. And for another, this means that no black person is ever going to be respected for any accomplishment. Believe it or not, there are some blacks with normal IQs. But you can’t tell them apart from the ones who got “equitable” grades to pass high school, then were shuffled through the university system with Affirmative Action (nb4 “SCOTUS ended AA” – the schools are just working around that).

Post Millennial:

New “equitable grading practices,” which forbid teachers from giving “zeroes” to students who cheat or fail to turn in homework, are being tested in Portland Public Schools.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that this new grading system strives to overcome “racial disparities” and “inequities” in grading and instruction, which the district first started to consider during the pandemic. According to the outlet, the guidelines are expected to be fully implemented by 2025.

The Portland Public Schools Equitable Grading guidance states that teachers are not allowed to issue “zeroes” to students who have either cheated or have missed assignments. Students are not to be penalized for late work and must be allowed to retake tests and redo assignments until they can demonstrate proficiency, according to the guidance.

In addition, teachers are not to include attendance and participation towards grades and are to decide a student’s grade based on an equitable mean.

Portland Public Schools states in the guidance handout that “Historical data shows that there are racial disparities in our pass/fail rate in multiple subjects in both middle grades and high school. During the pandemic, we adjusted our grading to accommodate for some of the inequities in access to curriculum and instruction.”

We’ve entered into a situation where living with the blacks is becoming nonviable.

Probably, we should make friends with the coup governments in West Africa, and arrange for these people to be sent home to the motherland.

We should at least be offering the blacks money to go back to Africa. If they don’t want to go, we can discuss it from there, but a sizable number of them could be convinced to go if we showed them Black Panther and told them Wakanda is in Niger.

It’s bad everywhere, and getting worse