Poland Among Countries That Signed EU’s Newest “Total Anal Mania” Declaration

Katarzyna Kotula, Poland’s equality minister, holding some abortion pills

People think the Daily Stormer is exaggerating. They think we’re joking. We don’t ever joke about anything, ever.

It’s all true.

You can’t join a military or economic alliance with the United States without being forced into the worst kinds of diabolical Jewish social engineering.


In Brussels, a conference titled “Pride Alliances and Policy: Towards a Union of Equality” was organized recently under the current Belgian presidency of the European Union. It saw the signing of a declaration advocating for the recognition of same-sex unions throughout the EU.

Among the signatories was Poland, represented by Minister of Equality Katarzyna Kotula. This move comes amidst growing discussions within Poland regarding the penalization of what is termed “hate speech” based on sexual orientation and the ongoing debates over the legalization of same-sex unions and potential future same-sex marriages.

However, the declaration was notably not signed by representatives from Hungary, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czechia, and Slovakia. When asked about Italy’s decision not to support the pro-LGBTQ declaration, Italian Minister of Family Affairs Eugenia Roccella criticized the declaration, stating it attempts to “deny not just biology but the body itself.”

All these countries should just quit the EU and make their own anti-anal union.

Germany’s economy is going to hell, so the free money faucet is about to slow to a drip.

Just exit the EU and unsanction Russia, and you’ll be back on top again (on top of a woman, with your penis in her vagina, as opposed to being on the bottom of a man, with his penis in your anus).

While the declaration is not legally binding, it highlights the intention of the governments endorsing it and calls for action from the European Commission and other EU institutions.

In addition to legislative changes, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Justice Krzysztof Śmiszek has announced that hate speech against homosexuals will soon be prosecuted as a public offense, stating, “The time has come to ban disgusting, homophobic, and discriminatory statements in public spaces.” According to Śmiszek, it will be up to the courts to determine what constitutes hate speech.

Just even a couple years ago – just around the time before the Russian invasion of the Ukraine – could you imagine Poland signing on to go “full anal”?

The Polish elite has gone power-mad, thinking that they’re going to use the US military’s war against Russia to reestablish a Polish empire. This is extremely weird thinking, for an entire long list of reasons, and notably, it will not work.

The Polish need to put Jesus first if they want anything good to happen to them.

I still believe in you, Polaks