People Should be Talking About the ADL’s Support for Extremist Racialist Policies in Israel

Finally, the world is talking about the Jewish/Israeli lobbying group, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). This is a very good thing.

Regardless of my feelings on Elon Musk, I’m thankful he’s promoting this awareness campaign.

After Elon tweeted against the ADL, the group has been trending.

However, most of the discussion we’re seeing is around the idea that this is a “left-wing” advocacy group. This is untrue.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, supports really hardcore right-wing policies in Israel.

Because the ADL is not a “left-wing” group. It is more accurate to call it a “Democrat” group, but it’s most accurate to call it a “Jewish” group. They support Jewish interests, and in America, Jewish interests primarily involve silencing freedom of speech as well as promoting mass immigration and child trannies.

The ADL says they want a racially pure Jewish state in Palestine.

This is from an essay that is on Jonathan Greenblatt’s website,


This is the same guy that is saying this about immigration into America:

These people are beyond the pale, and simply framing them as “Democrat censorship advocates” is not good enough. That might work with certain groups, but everyone is going to be outraged if they understand that the ADL is an advocacy group for a foreign government, run by foreign nationals, who come to America and demand the exact opposite policies they push in their own country.

The sheer arrogance of posting both things on the same website will also cause widespread disgust.

The situation is simply unacceptable.

Jonathan Greenblatt needs to be confronted, and people need to demand why he has come to America to promote the exact opposite policies that he promotes in his own country.

Elon tweeted Monday that the ADL is “creating anti-Semitism.” (Interestingly, he was responding to a Keith Woods tweet of an Alex Jones clip.)

He later stated that he is against anti-Semitism. Of course, the Jews claim that the ADL is “the Jews,” and that any criticism of the ADL is anti-Semitic, because the ADL as a group represents all Jews.

There is no point in trying to distinguish between Jews and the ADL when this is the opinion held by Jews, collectively.

There is this wrong-headed idea that you have to tiptoe around the Jewish issue, and the fact that Jews collectively organize to censor speech all over the world. The ADL doesn’t operate in Europe, and yet, there are other Jewish groups there who push for the same exact forms of censorship.

You can say “not all Jews support this” or whatever, and that is true, but Jews as a collective group support mass censorship and Jews as a collective group will try to destroy anyone and anything who opposes their agenda, as the ADL has been trying to destroy Elon and Twitter by going for the advertisers.

This “I’m not anti-Semitic, but” opener just cripples your ability to fight. You can say you aren’t acting out of hate or whatever, but you have to be willing to point out that this is an organized agenda by organized Jewry.

Personally, I think America is ready to hear that. I don’t think the boomers themselves really even believe in this Jew-worship stuff anymore, at least not to the extent that they did in the George W. Bush era. And frankly, the boomers are not really that relevant. The youngest boomer is like, 60. So their opinions don’t weigh hugely on the public discussion of tech censorship.

Elon is going in the right direction, but he shouldn’t let these people push him around. He shouldn’t feel like he needs to keep apologizing for sticking up for himself and his company while he’s under this sustained assault (which now includes the Biden Justice Department – which, by the way, is not run by the ADL, but is run by the Jew Merrick Garland).

All of the Jews that are on his side don’t care about these apologies and clarifications, and none of the Jews who are against him do either. Everyone understands what is going on, save for a mass of very low information persons who can be swayed either way.

This is not the 1990s, and while the Jews still have incredible power, this narrative they have that they can do anything to anyone because they are Jewish and they make the rules simply does not have the power it once had.

If I were advising Elon, I would tell him to go for the throat. He doesn’t need to call for a second Holocaust, but he can say “I don’t hate anyone and I’m not going to be bullied.” He can stop apologizing and stop tiptoeing around the issue.

The most obvious way to get support for a war on the ADL is to simply link these articles on their own website where they support ethnic cleansing in Palestine. That proves the point. You can just post the quotes without comment.