NYT Says Zelensky Hoaxed Russian Attack on Civilians During Blinken Visit

No one knows what’s going on. There were all of these hardcore statements in the last few days from Washington and NATO saying that they are going to keep fighting the war against Russia forever and ever and ever.

Meanwhile, the New York Times – the mouthpiece of the US government – just printed a major investigation accusing Zelensky of lying and killing (what he claims are) his own civilians in what appears to have been a false flag operation to gain sympathy during a US official visit.


A New York Times investigation ‘strongly suggested’ on Monday that Ukrainian forces were responsible for a deadly missile strike at a Donbass market, on the day US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the country.

The incident on September 6 in the Kiev-controlled Donbass city of Konstantinovka killed at least 15 civilians and injured scores of others.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky immediately accused Russia of launching the strike and claimed that any “attempts to deal with anything Russian” meant turning a blind eye to “the audacity of evil.” Many Western media outlets and some governments endorsed his statement.


So dramatic!

So much drama from the professional actor who had zero governing experience before being made head of state!

The NYT said evidence pointed to a “tragic mishap” involving a Ukrainian anti-air Buk missile that apparently veered off course. The newspaper analyzed missile fragments, satellite imagery, witness accounts, and social media posts to come to the conclusion. It noted that Ukrainian authorities tried to prevent journalists from accessing the impact site.

They can call it a “mishap,” but the implication of the event – and of this reporting – is that it was done on purpose as a false flag attack in order to blame Russia for a massacre during an official US visit.

The statements from Zelensky also imply that.

Some people unsympathetic to the Russian cause, including Bild journalist Julian Ropcke and the open-source intelligence analysis group CIT suggested Kiev’s responsibility shortly after the incident. The Ukrainian government indicated that it considered Russian guilt to be beyond any doubt.

“What would an investigation be needed for, if all is obvious for us?” Zelensky’s senior aide Mikhail Podoliak told the media at the time. He called any other scenario, including a Ukrainian error, “ridiculous.”


“There is no need for an investigation, because we are pure good and they are pure evil! Therefore, they are responsible for every bad thing, and we are responsible for every good thing! Investigating us is like investigating the Heavenly Host!”

The missile was apparently one of the two fired by Ukrainian forces from the outskirts of the town of Druzhkovka some 15 km to the northwest of Konstantinovka, NYT reported. The projectile was likely a 9M38 model used by the Buk system, the newspaper concluded based on forensic evidence. Considering the short distance from the presumed launch point, it probably crashed with much of its fuel unspent, and the subsequent explosion left scorch marks at the scene.

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia mentioned the incident in a speech last week, suggesting that Kiev may have orchestrated it deliberately to coincide with Blinken’s visit. He added that as the evidence clearly contradicts Zelensky’s accusation, “the Kiev regime and its sponsors are trying to hush up this story and keep it off radar.”

The timing and the history of Ukrainian terrorist attacks blamed on Russia certainly goes a long way toward proving that it was on purpose. Obviously, the Ukraine is incompetent, and could accidentally butcher a bunch of people, but the obvious assumption here is that Zelensky wanted something to grandstand on while Blinken was there.

The Zelensky Junta is the single most out-of-control state that has ever existed in recorded history. It’s possible other states were more brutal and killed more people wantonly, but those states (if we come to conclude they existed) did not have a global media apparatus claiming that they are the ultimate victims.

The Zelensky Junta cannot possibly end this war without it coming out into the open that they committed all of these atrocities. That’s one big reason why the whole Ukraine government seems so obsessed with pushing this as far as it can be pushed. Otherwise, it would make logical sense for Zelensky to be pushing the US to allow him to negotiate so he can continue to reign over the remainder of the territory of the former Ukraine. Instead, he is pushing for total, catastrophic failure of the Ukraine state, at which point he will slink away without having to explain any of this.