Nuland Junta Risks Turning All of Africa Into a Giant War

Plan A should have been to leave these people the hell alone. Let them do what they are going to do. You’re not their daddy.

To be clear, this is the top aide to the guy who was overthrown and arrested in Niger speaking.


A military intervention in Niger could set off a broader war, Antinekar al-Hassan, a political adviser to ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

“I don’t think ECOWAS will make the mistake of intervening militarily in Niger, because if they intervene militarily, that means all of Africa will be at war,” al-Hassan said.

This faggot Bazoum wore the mask while every other black was calling him a gay homo, by the way

Bazoum was arrested on July 26 by a group of Nigerien military officers led by General Abdourahamane Tchiani. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has threatened to deploy troops unless he is restored to power, but their ultimatum to Niamey expired on Sunday.

In the meantime, the bloc has closed borders and stopped all trade and transactions with Niger. Al-Hassan said he was against these sanctions, calling them “illegal and illegitimate.”

“We’re against the sanctions. They will hurt the people of Niger, not the junta,” he said.

Everything in Africa is a junta.

Go look at the political history of Nigeria.

Or like, literally any other African state.

This is how governments are formed in Africa: strongmen overthrow the existing government, and then it cools off after a bit.

The difference is: this coup is pro-Russia and anti-France/US.

What the Nuland Junta in America is trying to do, by compelling Nigeria to invade Niger, would pretty much ensure a war across the entire continent of Africa.

Look: if you’re American, you know how black people roll.

Now, imagine a billion people doing this for decades, with no one around to stop them or talk them down

If the current order becomes undone, you’re dealing with a chaos that is going to spread, rapidly, where any dude with a couple of trucks and some AK-47s starts saying “hey, you know what…”

This Nuland plan – and it is a Nuland plan – of starting a multi-state war in Africa using this moronic ECOWAS (was/were) entity is much more psycho than the war in the Ukraine.

You are talking about 300 million refugees.

Black people, pouring out of Africa, into wherever, because you started an unstoppable massive, endless war in Africa.

If you believed in any kind of stability on the earth, this is the number one group of people you would want to not provoke
Imagine a billion drill-rappers

The Niger coup is absolutely in-line with the existing Pax Africana. This is just the way governments work.

Frankly, France being involved in these countries, manipulating them into various social engineering schemes – this couldn’t possibly last forever, and they should have stopped a long time ago. The idea that you are going to force child trannies on Africans through military occupation should have been a non-starter.

There is no moral crusade. There is just things happening.

Africans are going to be Africans, whites are going to be faggot child molesters, and in the end, justice will be done.

People should be paying attention to this.

This woman is a lunatic. You can’t continue letting her make all these decisions “because she is God’s chosen.” This is going to lead to the destruction of the entire earth.

This is as crazy as it has gotten. This is crazier than blowing up the Nord Stream and saying Russia did it themselves. This is crazier than “it doesn’t really matter if Russia uses a nuke.”

You are looking at something that could split the entire earth into a state of chaos, with blacks absolutely everywhere, pouring into every crevice, because you caught their entire continent on fire.



I’m here for it.

There’s nothing any of us can do, other than point to the fact that this is all Jewish, and they’re the ones who are eventually going to have to pay the price for creating this nightmare that we’ve all been forced to live in.

No one signed up for this. Not the Americans, not the Africans. No one asked any of us. Jews act unilaterally.