Nigers Tell French Ambassador to Exit Niger Within 48 Hours

Long live the fighters!

Long live the Nigers!


Niger’s junta, which seized power in a coup on July 26, said on Friday it has ordered French ambassador Sylvain Itte to leave the country within 48 hours, as relations between the West African country and its former colonial ruler deteriorated further.

Like recent coups in neighbouring Burkina Faso and Mali, the military takeover in Niger came amid a growing wave of anti-French sentiment, with some locals accusing the European country of interfering in their affairs.

In a statement, the junta-appointed foreign ministry said the decision to expel the ambassador was a response to actions taken by the French government that were “contrary to the interests of Niger.”

It said these included the envoy’s refusal to respond to an invitation to meet Niger’s new foreign minister.

Let’s be real.

France is not a “former” colonizer – they just changed some of the aesthetics and terminology. The French have remained economically and culturally dominant in this part of West Africa since “colonialism ended” after World War II.

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. France is not what it once was, so the goals of colonialism were not what they once were.

I understand right-wingers tend to bristle at this type of “decolonization” language, but there really is no other appropriate language to describe what is going on here. The blacks definitely are shaking off the shackles of foreign domination that did start during colonialism.

You can’t really change those terms. It is what it is.

If France hadn’t gone full anal, they would likely have the support of the Africans. I mean, it’s very noticeable that they are flying the flag of Russia – a foreign power that is also white people – and calling for Russia to intervene. These countries are also relying on China. So it is not as if they are opposed to the idea of foreigners being involved in their country, they just don’t want the West there.

Anal is a big part of that. No joke. These Africans are flipping the hell out about the fact that the US is trying to force them to do anal, and is putting all of this pressure on them. Uganda was recently sanctioned totally for passing a law that gives the death penalty to men who sodomize little boys.

The other thing is that they just don’t think they’re getting a very good deal – and that’s true. The US does not want the third world to develop, they do not want them to have a sense of identity or independence. They want them to have gay sex, watch Marvel movies on their iPhones, and if they want something more out of life, they can invade Europe. China and Russia are offering more legitimate forms of trade, as well as investment, whereas the West has only ever offered debt and threats.

The Western system involves tricking third world countries into debt, then demanding they hand over their resources to private companies in Europe and America when they can’t pay the interest on the debt.

China has made a big talking point out of this issue.

China generally wants to spread prosperity, rather than enforce suffering and mass migration. It’s logical from their point of view that if they’re fair with countries, these countries will produce more and that will result in everyone’s numbers going up. The difference between China and America is the difference between a business partner and a vampire.

So now you’ve got this situation that has been bubbling finally boiling over, with most of Africa ready to switch teams, as the US struggles to maintain these figureheads that run their occupation governments.

The leader of Mali is saying that if Nigeria invades Niger, he will invade Nigeria and change the results of their presidential election.

No doubt a lot of people in Nigeria would be interested in supporting this sort of thing.

The people who run Nigeria are not totally stupid. They are aware of the fact that if America forces them to go to war, there is no controlling anything. All bets are totally off. They can barely control their own population as it is. The idea that they are going to be able to manage a war is ridiculous. Separatists, Islamists, Generals who would like to do coups themselves – these factors exist outside of what would be an insane conflict in and of itself, if the armies of ECOWAS went up against Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.

It would likely spread way outside of this territory, and the whole place would turn into a war that would last a decade or more, and would end with strongmen in power – not “democracy.” You can think of the insanity that went on in Syria for the better part of the previous decade, just on a much larger scale, and without even that level of organization, in terms of the multiple opposition groups fighting one another.


Either that, or the Russians have organized a front and ordered enough that they can conquer Nigeria and install one of their own people, in which case you would not have all-out chaos indefinitely. But then the US would just start arming random terrorist groups and so on, like they continued to do in Syria long after it was clear that they lost.

The big relevance for you, dear reader, is that if this happens, we are talking about probably over 100 million Africans fleeing the continent.

There are a billion and a half people in Africa, and the place where the US is presently trying to start a war is the most densely populated part of the continent.

When you look at what the Jews are doing… it’s easy to come to the conclusion that all they really care about is chaos. There is no rational reason you would want to start this war in Africa. If you didn’t want these coups, you would have dealt more fairly, and not pushed the anal stuff.