NEWS ON A PLANE: Gender Reveal Event Kills 2 in Mexico!

How many more people have to die before you bigots understand that gender is a social construct and all kids are actually born trannies?

Huffington Post:

A gender reveal stunt off the coast of Mexico went terribly wrong this week when a plane announcing the baby’s sex crashed into the sea, killing two people who were on board, according to multiple reports.

The expecting couple, their friends and family were watching the small aircraft fly over the Nichupte Lagoon off the coast of Cancun Tuesday afternoon when the plane took a nosedive into the water, The U.S. Sun reported.

According to local media, the plane, which had taken off from Holbox, was a Cessna 206 rented from Xomex. The family was reportedly riding on a boat for the gender reveal party and recording video just as the plane plummeted into the water.

In footage posted to social media, people could be heard shouting that it’s a “girl” moments before the crash.

Personnel from various emergency services participated in rescue operations. One person died during the rescue effort, Francisco Fernández Millán, president of the Nautical Association of Quintana Roo, said in a statement to La Prensa Latino. A second person was reportedly rescued alive but died while receiving first aid from paramedics.

The Federal Civil Aviation Agency is investigating the incident.

Gender reveal parties seem to have been invented at the same time that trannies were invented. I thought it was millennials having kids late (after the women their age had finished getting gang-banged for 15 years and were ready to settle down). Millennials had absent boomer parents, so they’re saying they’re going to be the best dads ever. Of course, their wives are not going to allow any such thing.

But this was in Mexico.

Why are Mexicans copying dumb millennial American cultural trends?

Like, “gender reveal party” is literally the dumbest, most decadent thing yet.

This is worse than Mexican goths.

Speaking of Mexican goths and crashing planes into the ocean – tfw no Mexican goth gf makes me want to crash a plane into the ocean.

Imagine if the border crisis was a flood of Mexican goth girls.