New York City: Neo-Nazi Immigrants Protest Government Bringing in More Immigrants

It turns out, the Asians have white privilege.

They try to use it against much more vibrant folks, such as blacks, Moslems, and Mexicans.

It’s time to really make the Asians suffer for their crimes against diversity – and I know just the ticket: even more immigrants.

New York Post:

The thousands of migrants recently flooding into the Big Apple are facing a new round of pushback — from New York City immigrants.

First-generation Brooklyn immigrants were up in arms Sunday over City Hall jamming dozens of newly arrived male asylum-seekers into the Sunset Park Recreation Center, saying the facility has long been a beloved community staple — until now.

“People are really upset from the community,” said a first-generation Chinese immigrant who only gave her name as Chen. “All the people use this facility from this community.

“So right now you take away all the benefit to us and give it to them? What the hell!”

That’s the way it goes, toots.

We need these Mexicans.

They are who we are, because of our values in the rules-based order.

An estimated crowd of at least 300 local residents demonstrated outside the Sunset Park facility as they prepare a petition to present to Mayor Eric Adams and city officials.

“Most of the people in this community are immigrants themselves or the children or grandchildren,” said Dyker Heights resident Paul Rodriguez, adding that his family uses the rec center.

“Keep in mind that many of the people who are protesting in particular now are people who probably had a much longer, much [more] arduous journey here than any of the ones who are coming now,” he said. “Let’s be honest.

“Now that they’re here, you have to do better than just simply deflecting blame, pointing fingers and saying, ‘It’s all the fault of Washington, and they better fix it for us because we have no more room,’ ” he said, referring to officials.

Vincent Lu said the rec center, which has a pool and other facilities, is used by “a lot of elderly people” in the neighborhood — who pay to become members.

“All of a sudden they’ve been denied access,” said Lu, 40.

Maybe you should have thought of that before you joined Hitler and tried to destroy the chinks, nip?

(Lu is obviously a Chinese name, but I don’t think we need to get really down into the nitty-gritty – the point is, he’s a racist and supports Hitler.)

At least the libs are getting owned