New US Army Fitness Test So Dumbed Down 56% of Women Pass It

Hey look – a woman that isn’t retarded! You don’t see that every day! Shame being in the army left her sterile…

It’s fine to dumb down the standards so women can pass.

But you have to wonder what that is going to mean for the battlefield, no?

Daily Caller:

Nearly half of female soldiers have failed the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), while only a tiny fraction of their male counterparts fell short of the military standards, a Monday report shows.

The Internal Army figures from April indicate that 44% of women failed the ACFT since its introduction in October 2020, reported. Conversely, only 7% of male soldiers have not passed the test.

The reported United States Army Forces Command’s (FORSCOM) data also includes 106,000 ACFT results taken since the start of 2021.

The ACFT consists of six events, with the two-mile run proving the most challenging for both male and female soldiers. 5% of males and 22% of females fail the event, the report says.

Despite the significant inter-gender disparity, the pass rate for women is up 12% from last year, the report says. This progress is explained by the fact that FORSCOM has allowed a two-minute plank as an alternative to leg tucks. While 41% of female officers fail the leg tucks, only 22% of them fail the plank, according to the data.

The gap in the performance of male and female soldiers is even more striking when considering the statistics on high-achievers. Mere 66 women scored 500 points or higher, as opposed to 31,978 men. A score of 360 is a passing threshold, and 600 is the max, the report says.

It has to always be said: Russia and China are not lowering their standards, they are not putting women and trannies in their combat units.

What’s actually a bigger problem, and not shown on these tests, is that women pull down the performance of the men in their units. Men have a very hard time working with women, and they can’t trust them. You see this a lot with the female cop dynamic. You just saw it recently in Minnesota, when that bitch cop interrupted the male cop cuffing the criminal, and then shot the criminal to death before the male cop could grab him. Those kinds of mistakes on the battlefield are a bigger deal than on the street with blacks, and it means zero trust between soldiers, which means a unit operates at 10% or lower.

Apparently, the US military is really counting on its technology for these upcoming wars, to the point where it is not even concerned at all about the quality of its actual military.

Watching this really makes me want to have my legs blown off for Israel