New School Faculty Members Set Up First Staff-Led Gaza Solidarity Encampment

These protests have not slowed at all, beyond the periods when they are being raided by cops.

The government is working on all kinds of new ways to screw them over, but it’s really unclear how it is even possible to stop this. They are going to have to close the schools completely, and then the protesters are going to move somewhere else, which means that they’re going to have to send anyone criticizing Jews to prison.

The new “antisemitism” law allows for schools to be sued under Title VI for allowing these protests, but it’s a very serious move to a complete lockdown on freedom of speech. It’s certainly not out of the question that Congress is going to rapidly move to pass a law that makes criticism of Jews a criminal offense.

New York Post:

New School faculty members erected their own solidarity encampment at the university’s Manhattan campus Wednesday afternoon in the first staff-led anti-Israel protest in the US, according to organizers.

A handful of faculty members set up roughly half a dozen tents at the progressive college’s University Center and joined their students in demanding the school divest from 13 companies they claim are aiding Israel’s ongoing offensive in Gaza.

They’re also demanding an end to NYPD’s presence on campus, calling for disciplinary charges against students to be expunged.

”The movement started by our brave students must continue, and it is incumbent upon us as faculty to heed their calls, and help finish what they started,” an anonymous representative who is organizing the new encampment said in a statement released by New School’s Students for Justice in Palestine.

The Refaat Alareer Faculty Solidarity Encampment, named after a prominent writer and professor who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in December, comes after more than 40 New School students were arrested when the NYPD cleared out their anti-Israel encampment on Friday night, according the New School Free Press.

These schools can’t meet protesters’ demands. The government has them over a barrel, as do their donors, who are all Jewish.

There’s no obvious solution, so it’s logical that the schools are resorting to violence.