New Jersey: State Supreme Court Says Catholic School Can Fire Teacher for Being Pregnant and Unmarried


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Washington Times:

A Catholic school was within its rights to deny an art teacher a contract renewal after the instructor became pregnant out-of-wedlock, the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled Monday.

Victoria Crisitello, who had once attended the school as a student, returned as a teacher in 2011 and signed a statement agreeing to the Archdiocese of Newark’s code of ethics for professional employees.

Both the school’s attorney and a public interest law firm representing an Orthodox Jewish coalition hailed the ruling as protecting the rights of religious employers.

In 2014, with the prospect of a full-time art teaching role, Ms. Crisitello told the principal, identified as “Sister Lee” in court papers, that she was pregnant. Shortly after that disclosure, the school informed Ms. Crisitello that her premarital sex violated the ethics code and she could not remain at the school.

Victoria Crisitello

Ms. Crisitello sued claiming pregnancy and marital discrimination, both of which are forbidden under the state “Law Against Discrimination.”

In response, the school’s attorneys cited New Jersey’s “religious tenets” exception, which states “it shall not be an unlawful employment practice” for a religious entity to follow the tenets of its faith “in establishing and utilizing criteria for employment.”

A four-judge panel led by Chief Justice Stuart J. Rabner, a former state attorney general, unanimously agreed with the school. Concurring were Justices Anne M. Patterson, Lee A. Solomon and Fabiana Pierre-Louis, as well as Superior Court Judge Michael J. Haas, who is on temporary assignment to the high court.

“The religious tenets exception allowed St. Theresa’s to require its employees, as a condition of employment, to abide by Catholic law, including that they abstain from premarital sex,” Judge Solomon wrote for the court. The plaintiff, “a practicing Catholic and graduate of the St. Theresa School, acknowledged that St. Theresa’s required her to abide by the tenets of the Catholic faith, including that she abstain from premarital sex, as a condition of her employment.”

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