New Hampshire Gender Reveal Explosion Mistaken for Small Earthquake, Felt in Neighboring Massachusetts

I wonder if some of these gender reveal things are actually a backlash against the tranny craze. Or perhaps some eternal ying-yang type balance.

Sorta feels like they both appeared out of nowhere at around the same time.

Sputnik News:

As expecting parents race to outdo each other in their dramatic and often explosive ways of revealing the gender of their forthcoming child, injuries and even deaths are mounting. Four people have died in the last year at gender reveal parties.

Residents of the town of Kingston, New Hampshire, got a rude shock on Tuesday evening after an explosion rocked their community. Some thought it was an earthquake, according to NBC Boston, as the rumble was felt at least 20 miles away in northern Massachusetts. However, after meteorologists confirmed there had been no noticeable seismic activity, people began searching for other possibilities.

It was soon discovered that the source of the shaking had been a huge explosion of Tannerite, an explosive used in target practice, at a nearby quarry. An unnamed family had used the boom as a dramatic way to reveal the gender of their expected child, said local police, who viewed footage of the incident.

“It was earth-shaking,” one resident told NBC. Another noted the shaking had knocked pictures off her walls, and a third related that another neighbor had suffered cracks in their house foundation.

“It was ridiculous,” one woman said. “I don’t have any other words for it.”

“Obviously, depending on the amount [of explosives] they were using, it could be extremely dangerous,” Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. told the New Hampshire Union Leader, noting that charges could result from the incident.

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent years, although the race to produce the most shocking and impressive reveals has resulted in destruction and even death. Four have died in the last year during gender reveals, including two who perished in February when their airplane crashed in Cancun, Mexico, while performing a stunt to reveal their baby’s assigned gender.

Millennials were deeply affected by the selfishness of their boomer parents. Now they’re becoming parents themselves, way too late, and taking it way too seriously.

“I’m gonna be such a devoted dad that I’m going to set off a bomb!”

This is not logical.