Nevada: Dumb Sluts Pulled Off the Road – The Road is for Driving

Twenty years ago, Nevada looked like Alaska.

This is what global warming has done to our planet.

Los Angeles Times:

Climate and anti-capitalist activists blocked a road leading into Burning Man on Sunday, the annual event’s opening day, creating miles of gridlock and leading to clashes with motorists and tribal rangers in the Nevada desert.

Video and photos posted on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, show a trailer blocking the road that leads to Black Rock City, along with about half a dozen protesters, some of whom locked themselves to the trailer, and banners with signs including “BURNERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!,” “ABOLISH CAPITALISM,” and “GENERAL STRIKE FOR CLIMATE,” also blocked the road. A sign reading “Ban Private Jets” was draped across the asphalt.

It’s funny how all global warming people are communists.

If I didn’t know better, I’d wonder if global warming is just a means for these people to promote communism, rather than a serious belief that increasing greenhouse gasses by 0.28% is going to overpower the Sun as a driver of global temperatures and raise average temperatures by 3 degrees, and that this will somehow kill everyone.

These people also claim to believe that the solution to this potential 3 degrees increase in temperatures is not nuclear power, but to poison the entire natural world with windmills and PFAS.

I do like that the left recently announced that they are pro-actively anti-whale, because being pro-whale is white supremacy, just as it was evidenced that Joe Biden’s “ocean full of windmills” plan is going to decimate the whale population.

But I think the whole thing is about promoting communism.

The blockade aimed to spotlight “capitalism’s inability to address climate and ecological breakdown,” according to a statement from Seven Circles, a coalition of activist organizations who organized the protest.

“The blockade is also in protest against the popularization of Burning Man among affluent people who do not live the stated values of Burning Man, resulting in the commodification of the event,” Seven Circles said. “The group emphasizes the current existential crisis and importance of honesty when social collapse is at risk.”

They’re doing it for our own good, and we don’t appreciate it

The protests brought clogged traffic, with many people getting out of their cars or trying to find ways around the roadblock. One video shows confrontations between the protesters and people stuck in traffic, some of whom said they needed to go to work. Several motorists tried to remove the barricade themselves, according to videos posted online.

One video shows a white pickup truck that appears to be from the Pyramid Lake Ranger Station, a tribal law enforcement agency, broadcasting a message over the vehicle’s PA system telling demonstrators, “This is a state route,” and “Everybody will be arrested” if they don’t disperse and get off the road.

“Thirty seconds, send your leader to my vehicle, let’s talk, get off the f— road,” someone can be heard saying.

Another clip shows a ranger’s truck blasting through the barricade with its sirens and lights sounding through the desert. An announcement comes over a truck’s PA system telling demonstrators, “I’m gonna take all of you out, you better move.” An official then gets out of the truck with a gun drawn, yelling at protesters to “get down now.”

These commie whores are disgusting.

It’s always women.

Along with being communists, women also just look for any excuse to make themselves the center of attention, which is basically the entire driver of the global warming protest movement. If you look at these scenes, it is always about the women drawing attention to themselves. None of these women can tell you “the science.” None of them can even tell you the percentage of greenhouse gasses that are created by humans (it’s 0.28%). They will also not tell you why they support blowing up the Nord Stream.


Seriously – go type “climate protester” into an image search, and you will see that what I am saying here is undeniable. I just did it and this was the first result:

(I can’t tell if that’s a male in the background there, but insofar as that is a male, he’s out there to catch a whiff. Not because he is actually emotionally disturbed by a 0.28% increase in greenhouse gasses raising the temperature 3 degrees and creating some kind of apocalypse.)

Well, it’s not always women.

A British man took the time last year to prove that men are better than women at everything, which includes the male capacity to be a more efficient and effective public nuisance.