Negress Who Beat Kaylee Gain Into a Coma Won’t be Charged as an Adult

Doctors still have to reattach a piece of her skull.

This is what I told you people would happen after the Summer of Floyd: they would legalize black-on-white violence.

You are sitting here watching it happen.

I don’t mean to do the Mike Cernovich “I predicteth thith,” but you should really pay attention to the things I say if you want to live.

New York Post:

The 15-year-old girl accused of viciously beating classmate Kaylee Gain into a coma will not be charged as an adult, a St. Louis judge ruled on Wednesday.

The case will remain in juvenile court after the judge reviewed the unnamed suspect’s school history and met with the girl and her family several times since the brutal March fight outside Hazelwood East High School.

Gain, 16, was left severely injured in a fight on March 8.

The teen’s defense attorney, Greg Smith, said in court Wednesday that Gain was previously suspended from school for a fight and struck the 15-year-old first.

Gain’s parents were present in the courtroom.

Smith argued that his client had a stable home life, performed well in school and had behaved well while locked up in a juvenile detention center.

The suspect’s family claimed that the juvenile suspect had been acting in self-defense and that they received numerous racial threats after the incident.

These are new rules.

Previously, anyone who did this kind of attack would have been charged as an adult.

There are new rules that allow blacks to commit crimes against whites. That is the new American policy.

And niggers still want to whine when Iran calls the US “Great Satan.”

What is this country, if not a Great Satan?