NASA’s Mars Rover Generates Enough Oxygen for a Small Dog to Breathe for 10 Hours

You guys think this is real?

I don’t really have an opinion on it.

I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if it was fake or real.

New York Post:

A breakthrough instrument on NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover is considered a mission success after producing enough oxygen for a small dog to breathe for about 10 hours.

The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment, or MOXIE, is a microwave-sized device that takes unbreathable Martian air and turns it into oxygen humans – and dogs – rely on.

The team behind the experimental instrument recently revealed that since Percy landed on Mars, MOXIE has been working like a dream.

MOXIE has generated 122 grams of oxygen since 2021, producing about 12 grams of oxygen an hour.

Because NASA knows we love a good animal analogy, the space agency said this is enough for a small dog to breathe for about 10 hours.

MOXIE’s impressive performance shows that it is feasible to extract oxygen from Mars’ atmosphere – oxygen that could help supply breathable air or rocket propellant to future astronauts,” NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said. “Developing technologies that let us use resources on the Moon and Mars is critical to build a long-term lunar presence, create a robust lunar economy, and allow us to support an initial human exploration campaign to Mars.”

Yeah, that’s never happening.

There was some energy around space travel up through the 1990s, I guess. But now we’re traveling to the pits of hell with the tranny agenda and pointless wars with Russia and China.

Frankly, wanting to travel to outer space was always sort of retarded.

What is the point of it?