Moron-Faced Ukie Demands West Implement Propaganda Programs to Manipulate Populations Into Supporting War

I always mock women’s sense of entitlement. But quite frankly, I think the Ukraine is much worse than any woman I’ve ever seen.

How do they have the nerve to make these sorts of demands? Do they not worry that it will have the opposite effect? That everyone is just going to hate them?

Generally, people do not appreciate naggy, demanding people.


Ukraine faces the threat of its “carefully woven web of foreign assistance” being slowly unraveled due to waning optimism and growing disappointment among its Western backers, the head of the National Security and Defense Council, Aleksey Danilov, wrote in an opinion piece published on Saturday in the newspaper Ukrainskaya Pravda.

The security chief accused “reputable and influential” Western media outlets of publishing materials suggesting Ukraine’s much-hyped summer counteroffensive is failing, Kiev’s troops are unable to take back territory from Russia, and Moscow’s resources are “limitless.”These sentiments slow down the Western military assistance to Kiev and stand in the way of Ukraine’s “peace formula,” Danilov added.

See – he’s saying that the Western media should lie even harder.

They are lying about the “counteroffensive” already – they are saying that these empty villages – that are in front of the Russian defensive line – are “gains.” In reality, because Russia was not defending these villages, they can’t be considered “gains” in any real sense.

We can all look at the Deep State Map. Right now, today, this website – which is totally pro-Hohol and shows Russians as piglets – shows Russians advancing in Kharkov.

Ukrainians are not advancing in Zaporozhye, where they are making their biggest push.

The map shows that green area as “liberated,” but that was abandoned by Russia months ago because it was not ideal for setting up a defensive line.

To lie anymore than they are currently lying, the West would have to do Daily Stormer type censorship of Deep State Map and any other source showing the battle lines, and then I guess just claim that the Ukraine took territory they didn’t actually take – publish their own fake maps.

He stated that the only solution to the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, which has been going on for more than a year and a half, is a military solution. “The peace formula is the weapons formula,” he said in the article.

Danilov urged the West to combat its own growing skepticism about Ukraine’s prospects in the conflict. Western nations should create their own “agreed formula for … the vision of Ukraine’s victory” and also “enshrine military assistance to Ukraine in … legislation,” he said, adding that election cycles might affect “the stability of the partnership” between Ukraine and the West.

The US and its allies should also “develop and implement a set of measures to neutralize so-called ‘war fatigue,’” Danilov maintained. He also admitted that “a sprint” – i.e. a short conflict – had been “replaced by a long run.”

There’s not really any ability for any Western government to change policies. Because of the democracy system, it is impossible for the population to give any feedback to the government.

If the West was going to stop sending aid to the Ukraine – or scale it back and push for a “frozen conflict” – they would do that because they are done wasting resources on an unwinnable war that is giving Russia massive clout on the world stage as a victim of American aggression.

But I don’t even know. I think these Western leaders don’t have any plan at all. I think they’re stupid and they’re being guided by arms contractors and psycho unhinged Jews like Blinken and Nuland who are monomaniacally obsessed with Russia.