More Illegals Caught on US-Canadian Border in 2023 Than Last 10 Years Combined

I thought Canada was a paradise for immigrants.

Instead, it seems, they are allowing immigrants into their country… and then sending them to America.

New York Post:

Over 6,100 people from 76 different countries were caught illegally crossing into the United States along its northeastern border over the last 11 months alone — more than were apprehended there in the last 10 years combined, US border officials announced.

“Swanton Sector Agents are resolute and determined to hold the line,” said Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia in a series of social media posts Tuesday.

Garcia’s sector stretches nearly 300 miles across the US-Canadian border in New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

It is unclear how many people have been apprehended illegally crossing along other US-Canadian border sectors this year. US Customs and Border Protection did not return The Posts’ requests for updated data at the time of publication.

The alarming numbers from Garcia’s relatively small swatch of the US’ more than 5,500 mile border show the problem extends far beyond the southern border — where 91,000 people were apprehended in August — and has contributed to the dire situation in cities across the US.

We have a situation here where no Americans really want to be in America anymore, because their blood is being drained.

Meanwhile, the blood that is drained is given to these immigrants, who get $2,200 a month just for showing up – and that doesn’t even include all of the other benefits.

It’s a good choice for brown people.

But America is no longer a good choice for Americans.