Millions of Dickheads Get Their Eyeballs Scanned by ChatGPT Jew for Free Shitcoin


It looks like the “biometric global ID” plot-thread is back in the news.

What a shocking surprise.

Commentary offered by Elizabeth Howcroft for Reuters:

Worldcoin has no problem attracting eyeballs. More than 2.2 million people have signed up, getting their irises scanned in exchange for a digital ID and, in some countries, free crypto.

The new project from ChatGPT founder Sam Altman aims to create a blockchain-based “identity and financial network”. Its native coin WLD has kept a steady price between $2 and $2.50 since its launch on July 24, thus far spared the “pump-and-dump” trajectory of many new crypto tokens.

Sam Altman is Jewish, by the way.

Completely Jewish.

The investor jury is out on Worldcoin’s prospects, according to Gordon Grant, co-head of trading at Genesis Trading, which isn’t offering the token to clients yet.

“There are folks that have really taken a view about this project, both with the positive and negative side,” he said.

Worldcoin’s white paper on its website says that, over the next 15 years, a total of 10 billion of the tokens will be released into the market. The circulating supply was 120 million tokens on Monday, data from market tracker CoinGecko shows, around 1.2% of the total planned future supply.

Some tech players are enthusiastic about Worldcoin’s plan to provide a digital ID system based on what it calls “proof of personhood” with the project backed by investors including Andreessen Horowitz.

PitchBook analyst Robert Le said there were several startups trying to build blockchain-based digital identity systems, but none on Worldcoin’s scale.

Worldcoin’s bet is that this will become more important as artificial intelligence bots increase the need for people to be able to verify their human status online.

After the success of ChatGPT as the first real public AGI, it would not surprise me if the same people come up with the first crypto ID system.

We are pro-crypto as a currency here. Or rather, we are pro-Bitcoin, and pro-shitcoin for quick money and gambling purposes.

But crypto technology is also going to be widely used for strange evil.

You absolutely can store everyone’s biometrics on a blockchain, and link it to a global computer system that includes links to CCTV cameras.

It’s not a power we should be offering these Jews.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this report.