Michigan: Catholic Farmers Banned from Selling Fruit for Opposing Anal “Marriage” Win Lawsuit

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People of Anus were always free to buy the apples.

It was the normal people who were being discriminated against.

Life Site News:

Catholic farmers can sell their fruits at a local market after a federal judge ordered East Lansing, Michigan to stop discriminating against the family for its opposition to homosexual “marriage.”

Judge Paul Maloney ruled that the city discriminated against Steve and Bridget Tennes of Country Mill Farms (CMF) when it passed a special law that excluded the family from selling at its farmers market.

The couple offered their venue for weddings but told an inquirer in 2016 that they would not let a homosexual couple have a same-sex “wedding” on the property. The farm is located in Charlotte, Michigan, 22 miles from East Lansing.

“The City did not invite CMF because it decided to rent its venue for weddings but would not host same sex weddings,” Judge Maloney wrote.

The city has an ordinance that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but the way it was applied violated the First Amendment rights of the family farmers.

The unbearable whiteness of the Tennes family

The manager of the farmer’s market could have granted an exception to the Tennes family based on its religious beliefs, the judge wrote. It chose not to do so, meaning its law “is not generally applicable because it permits secular conduct through exemptions while prohibiting the same conduct motivated by religious belief.”

The city failed to establish that its regulations were “narrowly tailored to meet a compelling government interest.”

“The City’s decision to exclude Country Mill Farms from the 2017 East Lansing Farmer’s Market constituted a burden on Plaintiffs’ religious beliefs,” the judge concluded. “Plaintiffs were forced to choose between following their religious beliefs and a government benefit for which they were otherwise qualified.”

Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented the farm, praised the judge’s ruling.

“Steve and his family-run Country Mill Farms happily serve all customers as a valued vendor at East Lansing’s farmer’s market, and he’s grateful he can continue his longtime partnership with the city and its residents,” ADF senior counsel Kate Anderson stated.

“The district court’s decision rightly protects Steve’s freedom to operate his business according to his convictions,” Anderson stated. “Country Mill has continued to participate in the farmer’s market without issue during this litigation.”

“Tennes and Country Mill Farms are grateful for the court’s decision protecting religious liberty,” Anderson added. “At the same time, they are eager to mend fences with current city officials and get back to doing what Country Mill does best — as expressed in its mission statement: ‘glorifying God by facilitating family fun on the farm and feeding families.’”

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Video from when the thing started