Michel Foucault, Wokest Philosopher Ever, Sodomized Pre-Teen Arab Boys in Graveyards

Was Foucault a “pedophile”?

Or was he a normal homosexual?

What is supposed to be the difference between those two things?


French postmodernist philosopher Michel Foucault, whose writings have become central in modern woke ideology, has been accused of sexually abusing children as young as eight-years-old while living in Tunisia during the 1960s.

Foucault, a vocal proponent of paedophilia in his writings, signed a petition to legalise sex with 13-year-old children in 1977.

A contemporary intellectual, Guy Sorman, told Britain’s The Sunday Times that he witnessed Foucault courting young boys during his time in Tunisia when the French philosopher took a philosophy professorship at the University of Tunis.

“Young children were running after Foucault saying ‘what about me? take me, take me’,” Sorman said.

“They were eight, nine, ten years old, he was throwing money at them and would say ‘let’s meet at 10 p.m. at the usual place’,” he said, adding: “He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised.”

Guy Sorman is a Jew, just in case casually describing a faggot sodomizing small boys at night in the cemetery as “making love” didn’t make it obvious enough.

Sorman said that while he regrets not coming forward with the accusations earlier, the French media was covering up for the philosopher, saying: “There were journalists present on that trip, there were many witnesses, but nobody did stories like that in those days. Foucault was the philosopher-king. He’s like our god in France.”

Despite Foucault’s self-professed Marxist leanings, Sorman said that his behaviour in real life was indicative of French elitism, noting that Foucalt “believed there were two morals, one for the elite, which was immoral, and one for the people, which should be restrictive.”

“He thought his arguments gave him permission to do whatever he wanted.”

“France is still not a democracy, we had the revolution, proclaimed a republic but there’s still an aristocracy, it’s the intelligentsia, and it has had a special status. Anything goes,” Sorman said, suggesting that now “the world is suddenly changing.”

The accusations have sent shockwaves throughout academic circles, with Cambridge University reader in historical geography, Phil Howell, saying: “There’s a big potential for that to have an impact on him. Foucault was interested in sexuality and wrote about it, but child abuse is another thing.”

The most prominent biography of the philosopher, The Passion of Michel Foucault by James Miller, noted that Foucault expressed interest in the sado-masochism displayed in American homosexual bathhouses, however the book made no mention of alleged paedophilia in Tunisia.

Foucault was one of the first openly gay public figures in the 20th century, dying of AIDS at the age of 57 in 1984.

Foucault is the most cited academic in the world, with over one million citations according to Google Scholar.

Did he die from “AIDS”?

Or did he die from GRIDS?

What is supposed to be the difference between those two things?

Why can’t they just look at what what they do does? Are they retarded or something?