Major Food Publication Bans Beef Recipes to Save the Planet from Cow Farts

They say they won’t remove their older stuff about beef, but they will at some point. 

The media keeps saying there isn’t a conspiracy to prevent people from eating meat.

Unfortunately, there actually is a conspiracy to prevent people from eating meat, and people who tell you that conspiracy doesn’t exist are part of that conspiracy.


Epicurious is changing up its diet to help fight climate change.

The online food publication announced Monday that it has “cut out” beef: The ingredient will no longer appear in new recipes, articles, newsletters or social media posts. The move is meant to be “pro-planet,” because beef production creates large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions, Epicurious Senior Editor Maggie Hoffman and former Digital Director David Tamarkin explained in an article.

Maggie Hoffman, Jewess

David Tamarkin, Jew

“For any person—or publication—wanting to envision a more sustainable way to cook, cutting out beef is a worthwhile first step,” Hoffman and Tamarkin said. “Our shift is solely about sustainability, about not giving airtime to one of the world’s worst climate offenders.”

Tamarkin recently left the publication, according to his Linkedin profile.

Livestock accounts for nearly 15% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and beef is the largest contributor to that pollution, according to the United Nations.

These people have continually refused to present evidence that humans or cows are changing the weather.

But they’ve just decided to go ahead with completely changing everyone’s life based on this baseless theory.

The other cattle are eating it up