Maine: Soros-Backed NGO Buys Biggest Newspaper Network in the State

Frankly, although I am generally pro-free market when it comes to these things, there absolutely has to be laws about foreign ownership of media, and there should really be laws about even out-of-state ownership of media.

Obviously, there also need to be laws about media consolidation.

Nothing good can come from massive corporations – foreign or otherwise – buying up local media and then presenting them as still being local media.

Obviously, the internet complicates things, but even on the internet, media outlets should be required to offer full disclosure about their funding and ownership in a very obvious place.

Daily Caller:

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and left-wing Swiss Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss- quietly donated millions of dollars to a non-profit that acquired nearly two dozen local papers in Maine in July, according to Semafor.

The National Trust for Local News acknowledges that it received funding from Soros’ organization, but denies that the Open Society Foundations provided funding specifically for the purchase of the local papers. A source with direct knowledge of the acquisition, however, told Semafor that Soros and Wyss did donate funds so the National Trust could acquire the papers; the donations had not been previously reported.

Wyss is also a supporter of States Newsroom, a left-wing network of local news outlets that began as a project of the left-wing Hopewell Fund. States Newsroom is currently expanding operations in Maine.

Hansjörg Wyss is a Swiss billionaire who just decided one day to fund all sorts of leftist stuff in America. He’s a member of the Democracy Alliance, a group made up mostly of rich Jews to funnel money to “progressives.”

Maine Public reported that the Soros-backed National Trust now controls the largest network of newspapers in Maine. In total, the National Trust acquired five daily papers and a further 17 weekly publications.

Wyss is a major funder of American progressive organizations, funneling nearly $500 million into left-wing advocacy groups. Americans for Public Trust, a watchdog group, alleges that the Swiss billionaire uses a foreign influence loophole to perform his philanthropy.

Soros has long funded media organizations. A Media Research Center report found that Soros has donated $52 million to media organizations since 2003. According to the MRC, some of these donations breach the Society of Professional Journalists’ ethical code regarding conflicts of interest.

The idea of a “free media” is pretty much dead.

The biggest problem is that right-wing media is simply banned, at a time when these left-wing groups are consolidating all control of media, with fewer and fewer people even having any input at all on what is said in the media.

The only right-wing media that is even allowed is controlled opposition tripe like Ben Shapiro.