Kyrgyzstan: Thousands of Pakis Flee After Natives Start Attacking Foreigners

This whole immigration and multiculturalism thing isn’t really working anywhere on earth.

Probably, it’s about time to start rethinking it.


Pakistan has repatriated more than 3,000 Pakistanis, mostly students, from Kyrgyzstan in the past week after recent attacks on foreigners over an unknown dispute with migrants, the deputy prime minister said Wednesday.

Pakistan began using special and commercial flight over the weekend to bring people home. More were expected to return later Wednesday, bringing their number to slightly over 4,000 by midnight.

Ishaq Dar told a news conference in Islamabad that the situation was under control now in the capital Bishkek, where authorities are trying to arrest people who attacked foreigners, including Pakistanis.

Thousands of Pakistanis study or work in Kyrgyzstan, and Dar said most of them wanted to come home.

Once these sorts of race riots start, there isn’t any way to stop them.

That’s why there is so much oppression in the White Western World.

They know that if a fire starts, they’re not going to be able to put it out.