Kung Fu Remake to Star Asian Feminist Fighting for Social Justice

I remember watching Kung Fu when I was a kid, and I really liked it.

I don’t think anyone will like this.


Putting the warrior in social justice warrior, the rebooted version of the classic TV series Kung Fu debuts Wednesday on the teen-oriented CW network. In place of the late David Carradine, the woke series features a feminist heroine and an overarching emphasis on “social justice.”

Show creator Christina M. Kim said it was important to move away from Carradine’s white, male protagonist.

“In the original series, the lead character was not Asian,” Kim said during a recent press event, according to a report from Yahoo Entertainment. “For me, it was important that we change that, and for myself as a woman, I really wanted a strong female Asian lead who was kicking butt and was the role model that I wished I had on TV growing up.”

David Carradine’s character was not white, he was half-Chinese.

Carradine is white, but he played a half-Chinese character, and I’ve seen interviews where he said that he would squint a little bit to make his eyes seem smaller.

I can’t find the interview now, because you can’t find anything on the internet anymore, but you can tell from images from the show he was squinting.

I’m sure squinting to show your character is half-Chinese is now some kind of racism.

The new Kung Fu focuses on a female Chinese-American law-school dropout who becomes a martial arts warrior (Olivia Liang). After mastering kung fu, she returns home to San Francisco to protect her parents and to fight violent triads.

Liang said the show offers an opportunity to address Asian on-screen representation.

“I think the timing of our show is really impeccable,” she reportedly said. “We Asians need to see ourselves represented on the screens, but we need to be invited into people’s homes who don’t see us in their everyday life, just to humanize us, normalize seeing us, remind them that we are people just like they are and that we have a place in this world, and hopefully having our show in their homes will expand that worldview for them.”

Actress Kheng Hua Tan, who plays her mother, reportedly said the show will emphasize “social justice” by showing “characters of all ages and all walks of life trying to work together to do what’s best for the community to help.”

What a horrible nightmare of a social engineering program.

This Asian Lives Matter thing is going to wreck me.

However, it does remind me of something that happened to me recently when I was visiting my local Walmart for supplies to get me through the summer of coronavirus. I walked into the Walmart, in a pretty heavily Chinese part of my town here in Canada, and everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. Those cats were fast as lightening. In fact, it was a little bit frightening. They fought with expert timing.

They were funk Chinamen, from funky Chinatown. They were chopping them up, they were chopping them down. It’s an ancient Chinese art and everybody knew their part – from a feint into a slip and a kicking from the hip.

Really weird experience, frankly, and I’ve had a lot of weird experiences at Walmart.

I was able to capture a little bit of the scene on my cellphone:

I’m sure Carl Douglas is a racist now too, even though it was the Chinese who were racist to him when they stole his spot at Harvard.

But seriously though – Kung Fu stuff is fun, and it’s sad that Asian Lives Matter is ruining it.

Where muh diversity?