Kentucky: Catholic Monk Reveals “He” is Actually a Woman, Says Church Can’t Kick Trannies Out!

“Brother” “Christian” Matson.


New York Post:

A Catholic monk has come out as a transgender man — saying that the church will have “to deal with” trans people in the community who refuse to compromise their identity for their faith.

Brother Christian Matson, a diocesan hermit in Kentucky, formally came out on Sunday with the permission of his bishop, John Stowe of the Diocese of Lexington, he told the Religious News Service.

It’s not your church to kick us out of — this is God’s church, and God has called us and engrafted us into it,” he warned the Catholic Church in an interview with the news outlet.

He may be the first openly trans person in his role in the Catholic Church, Matson added — though the Religious News Service was not able to verify that claim.

Matson, 39, transitioned in college, and converted to Catholicism four years later, he explained.

He hoped his coming out would create a meaningful conversation on a particularly fraught subject in the community.

You’ve got to deal with us, because God has called us into this church,” Matson — who also has a doctorate in religious studies — said in his message to the church on transgender Catholics.

Matson’s coming out came just one month after the Vatican issued “Infinite Dignity,” a 20-page treatise that described gender theory — as well as abortion and surrogacy — as attacks on humanity’s connection with God.

I guess Vatican-defending Catholics think there is going to be some kind of miracle to save the Church from this psycho gay shit.

This isn’t actually the way miracles are supposed to be dealt with. Miracles can and do happen, but you can’t ever assume one will happen and have no other plan besides that.

The Catholics who are defending the Vatican are helping the agenda of Satan to lead the church straight to hell. We have to face reality, and face the fact that this has already spun completely out of control, and we need to start coming up with real world solutions.

We can keep praying for a miracle, but assuming one is going to happen is just wrong.