Journo Scum Doxes and Harasses Utah Paramedic for Donating $10 to Our Boy Kyle’s Defense Fund

Jason Nguyen is the foreigner journalist behind the hot scoop

A wise man once said that journalists are sadists who are too cowardly to become serial killers.

This is a profession that unlike any other attracts sick people who want to hurt other people because they enjoy hurting people.


A Utah paramedic who donated $10 to a legal defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who shot three Wisconsin rioters, allegedly in self-defense, has been outed as some kind of villain by Salt Lake City’s ABC TV affiliate.

ABC4 reporter Jason Nguyen came up with his “scoop” after the Guardian newspaper included the name of West Valley City, Utah paramedic Craig Shepherd in a Friday article about police officers and other government employees who made donations to fundraisers for “accused vigilante murderers, far-right activists and fellow officers accused of shooting black Americans.”

The Guardian dug the names out of a data breach from a Christian crowdfunding website that was used to raise funds for Rittenhouse, among other controversial defendants. Nguyen took the hacked materials a step further, essentially doxing the paramedic. His report even included a video of the reporter standing at the front door of Shepherd’s house, with plenty of identifying details for those who might want to find the residence.

Here’s the video.

What are we supposed to believe he was going to ask him?

“Why do you not support Antifa-BLM burning down buildings?”

Nguyen called Shepherd’s employer and found that the city is investigating the matter, though it’s not clear what misconduct there might be to probe. The city issued a statement saying that it’s investigating but noting that “such a donation would be representative of personal actions and not those of West Valley City.”

The reporter noted that Shepherd used his work email address in making the donation. He ended his report by saying the paramedic won’t be placed on administrative leave during the investigation, implying that he had done something illegal or heinous.

Nguyen posted the story on his Twitter account on Saturday, saying Shepherd had been “caught” donating $10 to Rittenhouse’s defense fund using his government email address. The tweet was ratioed, with many commenters pointing out that Shepherd hadn’t done anything illegal or otherwise meriting scrutiny.

“A ‘data breach at a crowdfunding website’ is a fancy way of saying ABC4 is using hacked and unverifiable material to target a private citizen for doing something perfectly legal,” former US Senate staffer Matt Whitlock tweeted. Australian conservative commentator Rita Panahi quipped, “Have you considered a career in coding or renewables?”

This is the hot thing in journalism right now: hunting down random people to make examples of them for believing something different than the government and media tell them to believe.

It’s incentivized, and I’m sure Nguyen – who is likely a homosexual anti-communist activist – was thinking he might hit the big time for destroying a random guy’s life for donating $10.

It was somewhat inevitable that fed-backed hackers would hack, the Christian crowdfunding site that is basically the only remaining outlet for anyone who the media deems undesirable to get funding for legal defense.

It is actually ridiculous that the government allows for legal defense funds to be shut down, as it is almost certainly a violation of the Constitution, given that it interferes directly with the right to a fair trial.

Of course, the left does funding too, which some people might find immoral. Kamala Harris herself endorsed a crowdfunding mission to let criminals out of prison for rioting and looting.

It’s not known how many crimes were committed, and how many people were hurt as a result of the Minnesota Freedom Fund bailing out criminals. The media won’t investigate that issue, and without the resources of the media, it would be hard for an independent journalist to get the data together.

But we can assume that many or most of the people that Kamala helped bail out in Minnesota went on to commit further crimes, and that some of those crimes were probably pretty bad.

While out on bail, Kyle Rittenhouse has not committed any crimes.