John Bolton Says Brandon is Not Doing the Ukraine War Hard Enough

The smartest guy in the room.

It was obvious that the Ukraine was going to get totally wiped out in their “offensive.” I mean, people had to have known that. I knew it. How could career military strategists not know it?

The plan was probably always to let it fail and then say “oh well, see – this is proof we need NATO.”


Failures in Ukraine’s much-touted counteroffensive against Russia stem from the West’s inability to provide Kiev with the necessary military equipment within a reasonable timeframe, former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has said.

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal published on Sunday, Bolton lamented that Kiev’s long-anticipated push, which started in early June, “isn’t making the headway some proponents had forecast,” adding that the disappointing results must become a “wake-up” call for Washington.

The former White House official – widely regarded as a foreign-policy hawk and who has advocated regime changes in Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cuba – insisted in his article that Kiev’s “inability to achieve major advances is the natural result of a US strategy aimed only at staving off Russian conquest,” while he also urged US President Joe Biden to start “vigorously working toward Ukrainian victory.”

“Ukraine’s offensive failures and Russia’s defensive successes share a common cause: the slow, faltering, non-strategic supply of military assistance by the West,” Bolton claimed, adding that the US-led support for Kiev has been hampered further by speculation that Moscow might escalate the conflict.

Bolton, who served in the Trump administration up to 2019, sought to allay those concerns, insisting that “there’s no evidence” that Russia has conventional military capability to threaten NATO or a desire to launch a nuclear strike. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it adheres to the policy that nuclear war should never be fought, and that it might resort to its atomic arsenal only if the very existence of the state is threatened.

The former national security adviser also dismissed the need for talks between Kiev and Moscow, arguing that these would only benefit Russia. Instead, he suggested that the West and Washington should radically tighten their sanctions regime.

In addition, he called on Washington to slap restrictions directly on China, citing its “enormous support” for Moscow. While Beijing remains Russia’s key trade partner, it has repeatedly denied that it was providing Moscow with military support.

Ukrainian forces initiated a large-scale offensive against Russian lines over two months ago, after being reinforced by hundreds of Western-supplied tanks and armored vehicles. However, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, Kiev has so far failed to gain any significant ground and has lost more than 43,000 service members since the start of the push.

The longer this goes on, the more vague the reasons for it become. There are positives and negatives to that for the media.

War weariness is a thing, but it can either take the form of “just give up and be done with it” or “just finish them off.”

If played right, war weariness could lead to support for NATO intervention.

Anyway – John Bolton is a meme. There is no leader in history who was more committed to endless, pointless war than Joe Biden. Saying he is not hardcore enough is like me praising OJ Simpson.

The evidence is that the Jake Sullivan plan is to get through the election and then send in the troops.